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Monday, August 4

Unsightly scene

As usual, I will send both my mom and wife to work on Sunday morning. My dad kinda woke up late and felt like going because he had placed his shirt and bermuda on the washing machine which indicate him to go bathe after my turn. I thought that he is going out of work initially until my mom told me to ask my dad if he want to go for our usual curry rice feast. LOL

I guessed that he do not want to delay everyone's time, especially my wife because she cannot afford to be late, and he said that he do not want to go and start boiling water. Till my wife asked him... he kinda give in! I smiled and winked at my wife. Because, by the time I drove down from car park after warming up the car, my dad could have already finished bathing and waiting downstair.

Glad that he obliged and head out with us. Nothing special tho. After dropping my wife and mom, both my dad and me head up to the usual place for our favourite food. Been a little health cautious, my dad did not buy the ingredients that is far too oil. The fabulous curry rice is so good that I can eat it almost every weekend! Cabbage, meat balls, curry chicken with curry rice addons. These are what we had. Just that due to my gout situation, I had to refrain eating MORE of pork so pork chop is out of picture. While some might complain about the pork chop for been too thin because the meat is way too thin, but I love it a lot! Do not ask me why! I had it since young, so there's the answer for every question asked.

After the yummy breakfast at Tiong Bahru, both of us went to Cheng Huang Temple at Teban Garden. Been there for the 2nd time in my whole life. Heh. The very first time I went there was, I followed the entire devotees from the temple (Tian Jun Temple) to go round temples in Singapore for praying which they called it respect. In Hokkien, we called it "You Geng". No special reason why but I wanted to bring my wife there the next time.

We head home soon after the praying. I wanted to continue reading my "Angels and Demons" but I ended up writing blog. To my little surprise after making some research online through wikipedia, there will be a movie from this NOVEL! Oh dear. When I picked this book up and started reading, I kept hoping if there's a movie on it! Woo... Again, Robert Langdon from the novel will be acting by the famous actor who filmed "Da Vinci Code": Tom Hanks. Lovely. I will definitely watched it!

Time striked 1pm and I am preparing to head up until I saw 3 guys below my blk preparing long sticks with some spraying containers. While on my way back home, my mom kept calling us non stop as been told by our neighbours that she had call pest buster down to hunt the bees down from the tree!

As I walked out from the lift, I can see where the bee hives at! Heh... that's not the hives! It's all BEEs when I saw what the guys were doing. They had 2 sticks, 1 of is 1m shorter armed with one spraying gas and the other is longer with 2 spraying gas. One of the guy had to climb up on the ladder which is holding on the tree, push it even nearer to the bees. While the other will be slightly lower which is meant of bees that dropping or trying to get away with it will get poisoned as well.

Smile, you on my camera! LOL

Taken from my window, looking downstair as what the guys are doing at the time.

Preparing the long stick which they had to tie the spraying can on it.

The red box show the bees are located at.

One of the guy head up to check out the positioning first.

The guy at the top waved to the motor cyclist to go away as they had to start working on spraying the bees. End up, the biker and the woman went to 2nd storey of the MSCP to watch the whole scenario. heh.. what a sight to all!

Found the bees and pull the stick upwards to spray. They had to open the can first, then the gas will burst out slowly non stop until it finished. Just enough time to clear the bees.

The aftermath of bees been attacked was quite detestable! Imagine when the spraying containers were nearing them and I saw about a swarm of bees quickly flying off and some got poisoned and are unable to fly dropped to the ground. I guess that thousands of bees were still on the tree branch and slowly drop by lots on the grass. What a scene that crept me! Thought that's all about it because after doing their job, they packed up and go off. As for me, quickly changed and head out.

Job done. The guy in white took out something silver to spray on the dying bees on the floor and grass.

Walking towards car park, I saw dead bees all over on the floor. OMG! I did not take photos of that scene because I am in rush. The whole road and floor were filled with bees struggling for their life. Head up to 4th floor to get my car, I saw quite a number of bees dead too. Oh dear... I can tell you that.. it's not nice to see it... Imagine my tires rolled over them... my god.

The dying bees near my car at carpark level 4. Imagine lvl 1, there's thousands of it!

Close up if you do not believe.

Ok, enough of the horrible sight of bees.

When I went to Parkway Parade and wanted to park my car along the road at Popular, there are way too many cars hence I decided not to wait there and rather go in HDB area. Soon my wife arrived and sorry to her because I am late for 20min. Due to that, she had times to go to Hello Shop to collect the BT headset which she had reserved under her name at Comcenter the day before.

Here's the photos of the wonderful Jabra 8040 model.

The box of the Jabra

Wife got the BT headset from Singtel hello shop at Parkway parade. Lovely... and it is light and easy to use. Great!

My new Jabra headset with power adapater

The standalone BlueTooth headset. Jabra 8040.

Comparison of the both SE 702 and Jabra 8040 size.

My wife do not feel pain by using the SE BT. She even claimed that hooking on her ear is so smooth and good. Man... My big ear... :P Loving the Jabra... the stick on is great.. Look cool also.

OK, while blogging halfway both Randy and me head out to gents. Surprisingly we saw the main door suddenly close when we are returning back. Basket.. the door was locked and both of us were outside and are unable to come in. Called up to Keith and he thought we are making jokes! LOL.. Keith came and opened the door for us! Of course it is impossible because of the magnet on top of the door. I can see so clearly that Keith can push the door and bottom of it was bend out! Had he used more strength... Wahahaha I leave it your imagination.

Early this morning, boss and me met at lift and took up together to 5th floor. While heading towards the office, Keith was already there standing outside and unable to go in because our Manager ain't here yet. Charlene came along too, the usual early birds. It is unusual that our manager is late and all of us assume she is way too tired. First to come and last to go because she is the only one with keys to open and close the entire office. Hoping all of us can get the keys and tapping security card today. At the same time, I also thought that Keith will be on MC since he mentioned he suffered from gastric pain till the back... man.. horrifying tho. Going to toilet in the morning, as we had to take the keys from the small box where it is placed, we must unlocked and lock each time we visit the loo. Been tiring of Keith, he mistakenly took his own keys to lock the doors when I asked him that for what you took your wallet with keys for? LOL What a joke on Monday blue.

I had wonderful breakfast as my mom head out early to get for me. Beehoon with fish cake and hot dog with another packet of chee cheong fun with or quay. Yummy. LOL.. There's bread too. Lovely. Pick my mom up along the road and drop her off near MRT station of CCK before I hit the road up to SLE. Poor darling of mine taking bus no.966 where it is damn crowded and got to suffer in jam along PIE, as what I heard from radio.

Something strike me earlier on which I forgotten to blog last Friday. It is funny that both Sandy and me were damn COCK! My car was turning left since it is green light shown on straight road. After turning left, I stopped because in front of me, there's traffic light shown red. Now, that made both Sandy and me blur. Can I go? By right, after turning left I can go off but why do I stop for red light there? On top of me is where the top traffic light shown on red and I am so confused! Suddenly I saw cars from my right lane go off without stopping as they are making right turn from the straight road of opposite direction. So I assumed that the traffic light that I saw was meant for that particular direction going straight. I followed the rest of the cars and surprisingly no car horned at me... LOL. The thing that confused me was, usually when turning left a little is where pedestrian lane located. But this one is quite far inward which is about 10m away from the turning point! There's traffic light pole and I am confused!

Traffic Light.jpg
My car is in Cyan color turning left.
Red color stand for red light and the stopping light is in white. For that, do I have to stop or go ahead be in red or green light?

The lime green shown that the cars from there go ahead tho it is in red light.

Or rather, the red light is meant for the drivers heading toward in brown color?

Confusing me.

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