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Thursday, August 7

Short blog in the morning

Knowing your stuff is important before buying anything lest of getting cheated. I was browsing over to VR Forum and get to know this whole situation. Even though the guy finally get their money back, he should not even snap a picture in front of the shop. This situation gave two answers: The guy is silly enough to snap in front of the shop and the shop people were guilty over their way of handling customer. I dare not to say which shop is it as I think it might be one of those I went in to ask.

That's why I will rather buy my stuff at first floor of Sim Lim Square, the shop name is Royal Plus. I know the guy there and they seem pretty ok. But I do feel regret having JPN console set which had been modded. I am so tired of locating new upgrade and make sure the game is playable on JPN set when the game is from US. The only game I wanted to get is: Mario Kart. Other then that, I guessed that I can just keep one side to let it collect dust. My poor Wii Fit. LOL

I had no idea what happened to me this morning when I wanted to exit out to AMK Ave 5 along CTE from SLE. I just kept on stepping on my gas and fail to slow down as I should cut into 4th lane to exit. End up, I drove up way up front and quickly turn into the deceleration lane when my car is in the arrow marking indicating the split lane. So unglam for me to do that tho! If I do not do that, I will have to exit the next one which is... seriously speaking, I had no idea about it...

This forum seriously answer WHY I do not like to watch local show. Nothing much I like about local actor/actress because local storyline is quite bad which lead to local artists cannot project out their acting skill to a higher level. When the storyline is really that good but yet the artists cannot perform to reach the standard, that's a true lousy + poor acting.

Finally I read half of my novel "Angels & Demons"! Surprisingly I had been increasing my reading speed each and every moment. Had no idea why am I been reading so much but it seem that my wife began to read slower. In the past, she can finish reading in few days but now... I guess there's sleeping monster on bed as she cannot hold on for more then 30min and there she went into her sweet dreams. Hee

Also, I would like to congrat to my pal, Denjz, as he will be tying the knot with his long time girlfriend next mth. For that, I am their official photographer too. A very simple wedding buffet with not much of complicated scenario. I am proud to work on his wedding day because I can EARN! LOL. I almost forgotten there's ROM shoot at Shangri-La, Sentosa tomorrow as I got to take half day leave for it. That also slipped off my mind as there's another full day wedding job during 9th Nov. I almost lost the phone number of my client! I counted myself lucky because the person who referred to me was my client previously! LOL. Isn't that good luck? One thing that I did not do for him was that I had not find a videographer for him! That's the most hatred part as I do not have pal who do video tho. And also, not saying I am good but seriously speaking, they counted themselves lucky as I decided not go into wedding photography after this year. Mainly doing commercial job which I had to concentrate even more!

I had to do some creative + artistic shot. I have and had to do it! Kill, throw or kick my laziness away. I got some idea in mind which I better do it. At the moment, tripod is what I needed. I think I will get Manfrotto then Gitzo since budget is one big issue for me now. *Sad*

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