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Monday, August 11

Sharing session

As I am not Olympic fanatic, I had no idea how our country is doing well for the game. Tao Li entered the final and got 5th for swimming. Incredible for a young gal like her. China born and came to Singapore at the age of 12to study, that's when she started swimming. Good grief.

Booked for my major car servicing this coming Wed at 9am and due to that, I must take leave tho. Time for some movie session with my wife.

Office air con at our department is crazy. Sometimes I felt that it is like haywire weather due to global warming, hot and air at times... insane. Crazy air con.

I be bringing William to know more about wedding photography and hope he is able to make it for my friend's wedding day on Sunday. Hope he learn more and do his own processing of photos, in that way he can find the style he wanted.

He also wanted to know where I normally visit the favourite curry stall. Here I shall show you. If it is not nice, PLEASE do not beat me or pour red paint at my house. It your own risk by going there.

Favourite Curry Rice Stall Blk.jpg
Highlighted in box is the blk where I often visit. The shop layout is viewable in my previous photos.

In front of it is a small market with some hawker stall.

Facing the coffee shop, the stall is on the right side. Left is duck rice. Take note that they close on Wednesday. Written clearly on the window of their stall in red wording with yellow base.

Good luck

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