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Sunday, August 10

Series of photo to share

Another day of blogging tho...

Alex always like to take both Keith's and mine piggy keychain and do it in the position as shown for white and pink pig.

So I decided to return him back in kindness by taking his black pig to do it for threesome. LOL :p

I managed to get my Engine Oil on Friday night at Ubi before heading home. Phew... That means I can rest on Saturday! Of course, I need to send my mom to grandma house and due to there's only duck meat there. Both my wife and me decided to lunch out and head to other place first before heading back.

Of course, we head up to one of my favourite place for curry rice!

I often said that I love to eat the Hainan curry rice around Tiong Bahru area, right? But I never show off what are my favourite food!

These are my favourite food. Curry rice with char siew sauce, cabbage, egg, pork chop (the one if in red), and meat ball (greyish). I never ordered my curry chicken as these are enough. Got to watch out for health.

This is the place where both my wife and me often come here for food. It is just a small typical coffeeshop. Apparently, there are way too many people and I did waited for 15min or so.

Good food is worth of waiting tho.

Here I am waiting patiently to start our meal. :)

See? I mentioned before! Nothing left on the plate. You can see that the food is very good! I did not leave out anything at all!

My wife wanted to capture this. Satisfying face of me!

Here's the close up to the food stall.

A far look to see numbers of people Q-ing for the food.

As I mentioned before, this coffee shop is very old and the space is literally small. Above it are residential.

My wife wanted to take a pic of shop at side view. Yah.. suddenly this uncle pop into the frame. heh

The shops beside the coffeeshop.

After lunch, we head to Funan to get the sandisk thumbdrive from Challenger. Love the place so much! Been about almost a month since I went there... missed the place so much. Just while we are walking, we saw glare from the sky. Of course, some processing been done on this photo tho.

A blue sky during noon time.

The blue sky with the sun glaring out.

A nice weekend to start with on NDP

After getting the stuff from Challenger, sadly that the sandisk shop is close hence I cannot redeem for $5 mac voucher. We went to Cathay Photo but as NDP fall on Saturday, they are close for public holiday. Was hoping for them to open but disappointed tho. So we head towards Marina Square since there is another CP store.

While we were at Marina Square, we came along to this Japanese Steet Performance.

The JPN guy (black) wanted to do a hand stand using the support of the chairs. Note that there are 3 chairs.

The guy in pink were selected by the JPN guy which his job is to roll the drum while doing the hand stand. hehe

The JPN guy is nice to pull out the small red carpet (on the floor) for the young chap to go off. That's funny to all the people watching it.

A very sincere grateful bow to thanks all audience who were watching his performance

Sadly to say that the tripod I wanted to get does not have any more stock. And I do not even want the display set! Paying for the same amount of money, I cannot get the stuff new and there's too many people touching here and there, I do not see why I must force myself to get it since there's no urgency. I be getting from Peninsula CP during wkday. BTW, the tripod is Manfrotto 055 ProB series.

After doing all the shopping, we went back and decided to wash our car! Been a month since we washed it... the dirt is getting thicker tho

While on our way back home, my wife snap non stop. Here's her style. Hee

I think my wife began to love photographing.. she been snapping this frame all the way in the car... as a result... I shall call it: Mirror reflection 1

Mirror reflection 2

Mirror reflection 3

Mirror reflection 4

Another photo taken by my wife.... no meaning, so I decided to crop it out... My book with the reflection... LOL

Green scenery... Love it or hate it.. :p

Another photo taken by my wife and again I crop it out.

What can I say about this photo? Concentrating while driving...

Colourful me while driving!

Meaning photo that my wife taken (again)

Do not attempt by dozing off while waiting for red light... :p

My wife said that my 'brothers' were in the car in front of us... ok... she meant the pooh bears... do I look like ONE?!

Yes. We wash our car when it rain. Anyway, we didn't go out after that tho.

The shampoo, polishing and glass polishing that we used are Autoglym.

Look at how much we used on detailing... Not enough cloth tho. LOL

Another look of the whole stuff been used.

Our clean side profile.

Side to front view

Just note of the reflection and not the underexpose pix. lol

Hard work by both my wife and me. Extremely tiring tho. But worth it a lot.

Hard work is paid off after 3 hrs of detailing.. we ain't professional, but more then enough what I asked for tho. I need a buff machine tho... polishing using hand is NO JOKE!


Side view of the reflection. Pretty?

Here's our Nissan Latio car, our baby.

Car boot reflection from the block. That's how clear it look after the overall detailing session with my wife.

My finished detailing of car roof. You can see the reflection of the ceiling tho.

Look at how bright the reflection was on the roof. Notice the flat and ceiling.

Loving Duragloss man! I will get more products from Benny, who is the guy distribute Duragloss products. He does provide car detailing too. Check out his site!

While guiding my wife on some photography on our Nikon Coolpix P5100, I taught her how to use timer.

Sweet couple.

And for this morning, I brought my wife and mom out to Jurong East for breakfast, to be exact, the place is Yuhua Village Hawker and Food Center. As the road is quite narrow, I had to drive in slowly. On my right, I saw one car on hazard light waiting, facing the opposite direction of me. Since I am heading in, I do not bother till I come to a stop because cars started to jam up. On my left was pavement, and the road is meant for cars moving in and car. I saw one of empty lot and attempt to park it in, but unfortunately I cannot. This is due to there's a lorry on my right side which the vehicles are heading out. As I mentioned earlier on, there's a car waiting for do not what cock reason and cause the jam of both traffic. One side need to park while the other cannot go out. So all cars were in the stage of motionless. Luckily the nice lorry driver move forward to allow me to have ample space to park my car in reverse mode. Slowly I moved but tires got hit on kerb. I tried again and was about almost few inches apart from both vehicles. If any wrong direction done, I be in deep shit. All lot in Singapore car park are about the same, but having both big vehicle giving you the right size of hole for you to park it in to be exact the both vehicles were stationary in front of the cars that already parked, and there's little turning in point, its really what I call... skillful!!! LOL

Great breakfast done and we head up to Sheng Huang Temple at Pandan. Decided to bring both my wife and mom there since I went there last week tho. Halfway, heavy rain pour and yah... my detailing... It is still ok because the polish made the car feel so different. I can small droplets of water on my car tho. Three of us got to stay in car for 10min due to heavy rain and decided not to get off until it turn small.

After the praying, my mom asked me if we want to go to Pavilion Hill to see the landed property because my bro in law and sis brought my parents there on the day before. Head up since there's no obligation. Hate my mom now because both my wife and me LOVE THE PLACE SO MUCH! 1.8mil... my god... I wanted to earn more and hoping to own that land! Yummy. Thanks to the nice agent who present us the whole unit and kept emphasizing that the current unit is old phase. The new phase is kinda facelift tho. LOL. Loving the entire concept. Now... itch!!! For the corner unit, which is much bigger, will be 2.2mil. There will be more natural light coming in and it's a full 3 storey see through from top to level 1. Isn't that great? Sigh... I wanna a Sylphy but had so much problem, let alone the 1.8mil landed. :( Guess there's some discussion we can do with my parent. They seem to like it a lot. lol

Wentto Lot One to get some breads and shopping too. I also gotten the knee guard from Ebene.

As seen on the box without further explaining, it do me good for having this knee guard.

I hope to reduce more of my Uric acid.

On the instruction, they mentioned that you can place the guard on the table, put both of your hand below it in abt 8 inches.

One of the palm right below the guard while the other none, you will feel numb and heat on the one below the guard. This is how it works.

Hoping my Uric acid will drop, plus my knee will be stronger whereby there's no much aching.

This is how I should wear my knee guard for the entire night. I do feel a little of aching and numb. As one of the vein is link to my ankle, I can feel the effect, right above my ankle in about 3inches, the aching pain (the usual part where I often felt) is bearable though numb is what I got. At the same time, I can feel the blood is circulating.

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