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Monday, August 4

Security pass for our office

Today is the day that we finally get our security pass. Our manager need not to be the first to come and last to go, or rather be the one to come in because one of the producer had to come in during weekend.

We sign out the pass accordingly and had some briefing from our boss and manager.

Our IFP (SIN) Security Pass which allow us to enter and exit the office. This pass can be use only per entry and exiting. Duplication of tapping will not allow us to enter or exit.

If that happens, we got to ask another coll to help us so that we can tap on the device scanner. In short, it is like EZ link card usage.

I somehow do not like the hook that is hooked onto the pass card. I thought that it will be just one hook whereby the lanyard is in circle then just one straight. That's why Iuse 2 hooks to hook it through the hole. Terrible designed.

This is not a remote device for car unlocking and locking! When the presenter come to IFP(SIN), as they need to find anyone of us, they had to dial the extension number and the phone on our desk will rang.

After confirming who is it we will then use this remote to disarm the security for them to go in. And number 1 and 2 meant for door 1 and 2, not arm or disarm of our car! LOL.

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