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Tuesday, August 12

MSN Live 4.7 is out

For those who love MSN during office hour and yet scare of boss find out. Download this MSN plus Live.

You can set both your chat window and MSN box to a certain translucent percentage, so that your boss will not be able to see what you are doing. Plus, you can set your own magical keyboard shortcut whereby it allow your MSN to shut off immediately! Of course, the shut off that I mentioned is boss mode in MSN plus live. Having that key in, your MSN icon will turn to any icon that you set it before. For me, I set to hard disk icon.

You need not to be afraid if your boss was talking to you while your pal been sending message non stop, because the chat box of your MSN will also disappear from your screen. Not only that. Even when you are talking to multiple chatters online, you can set your MSN chat box in multiple tab. Just like the IE 7.0 and Firefox 3. All browsers are tabbed. At least it will not make your whole task bar filled with all chat box! Neat is the correct word to say.

Lastly, side track a bit. I do not understand why most of my coll today, that including intern as well, were all late. Time now is 9.53am and I see them walking slowly. Why can't some people just wake up their idea that LATE IS BAD? Sigh... At least, the usual early birds were recognised by our manager. Yah... I am the first to arrive today. :p

Side track a bit.

Who never met some no common sense driver on road?

I seen 2 incident along Paya Lebar road towards the MRT station.

Traffic isn't that bad yesterday as everyone was driving smoothly and sturdy speed. I saw one Mark X white car from Shell station, which I believe he go on opposite direction as the arrow indicate going in. I had no issue since some did that in order to get to the extreme right lane. But I saw the driver window was winded down with a ciggie on hand right at the petrol kiosk which is just less then 10m away from the pump.

Next, I drove up towards the MRT station, and saw one black Nissan Sunny waiting by the road side near the bus stop. Knowingly that the traffic is quite heavy, he still park there and wait for someone without realising all vehicles had to [i]siam[/i] him. I had no problem people waiting by road side but at least look at traffic first.

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