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Friday, August 8

Fries Day!

Detailing of car is not as simple as you thought. I began to feel lazy towards detailing of my car. Tiring plus money spent. I could have just make it general clean but as for my style of cleanliness, I wanted real nice looking. I shall clean it on Saturday! Will think about it if I really want the indian guy to clean for me everyday at night. At least the car look pretty and clean rather than filled of dust! I needed some more good lotion to clean it off. Tires cleaner and glass polishing. If possible, I wanted a polishing handy machine which I can polish it well though.

Anyway, come to think about detailing, this will blew you off for what the guy did to this BMW M3!

I got to get Engine Oil this Sunday as I wanted to go for servicing next Wed. Aircon is getting bad which I will guess this is due to air filter problem. Hoping we got enough to get it done for this major servicing. Got to make a call to TCM for booking of car servicing. Hopefully it take less then 6 hrs to finish the major servicing tho.

I be taking half day leave and head up to Sentosa around 4.15pm as David will be at Shangri-La hotel for make up session. Yes, 7th month as you thought. But today is purely ROM and nothing to deal with any Chinese custom. A full 4 hr job for tonight which will end around 8.30pm. Hoping to get home by 9.30pm to catch the National Rally. LOL. I just want to listen what 'he' got anything to say about the future of Singapore.

Olympic start today and well... good luck. Nothing much to give any comments as I am not enthusiastic towards sport. :)

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