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Sunday, August 3

Busy weekend

On Friday when I was about to go home, luckily I received a SMS from my wife saying that her bus waiting time period jump from 2min to 30min! A lot of people were so angry about the sudden jumping and misleading of waiting duration. Should the bus service company get sued for that? I had no idea though. Before we can talk about why the bus timing jump, let's analyze why is this so.

Apparently, from Serangoon North my workplace towards my wife working area at Marine Parade, I had to pass by Eunos link which is along Kaki Bukit area. The jam is ridiculous insane! Let me warned you that, whoever try using that road will happy enjoy the freaking jam. I am quite new to this road thus I decided to share. I will show the photos via satellite images where it started jamming in the morning and evening time. The part 1 and 2 jamming area.

Jam Part 1.jpg
This is part 1, which is the morning jam. Look from top to bottom.

Jam Part 2.jpg
This part 2, which is off work time jam. The distance ain't that long, but got me stuck in jam for 30min. Damn the road... Look from top to bottom.

On Saturday, both my wife and me head out about 12pm as we had to meet Kelvin around 2pm but later been pushed back to 4pm due to collection of other stuff. So, we decided to go on shopping around the area and at the same time, we found the cheapest car park in town. Please make a search by yourself if you really want to know. It's a quite walking but it is worth it as the places I want to go are around the area. Terrific.

We went to Comcenter to check out some stuff as I am hoping to find my favourite Bluetooth. My phone came alive again after I had hard reset it. Though my Sony Ericcson headset is usable, but the clipping on my ear with spect is quite painful for me. I found that Jabra 8040 is quite recommended because of the comfort, small, light and good sounding. On digital paper from ST, this is highly recommended because the user had try talking on that BT at bowling alley but the other party does not know at all! Is that really so good? On paper stated the price at $128 and I asked the CSO for the price, to my surprise that it cost only $98! With our Singtel voucher of $50, I just need to pay additional of $48! Do not mind selling my current set off tho because I got to use it intensively. I had poor hearing when phone rang for so many times! LOL

Sadly to say that the CSO told me they went out of stock and after some checking, there's 3 set available at Parkway Parade! I shall head down there to get it since I got to fetch my wife later on.

We went to Taka for great lunch at Pasta Cafe. We didn't take any photos because I am way... HUNGRY! And some annoying conservation beside our table.... I shall not comments on that as it does not concern me at all. For funny sake, we went some of the branded bags shop to look around. Hoping to get one for my wife but I had no money power now but sure as I swear that I will definitely buy for my wife. I'm wondering why am I seeing SO many girls carrying LV, Burberry... around. Speechless tho. There's some event at Take outdoor which is meant for disable people... Feel aching seeing that but sure happy for them because they are willing to go through these hardship. Respected.

Both of us walk in to cosmetic area to look for Gucci perfume. The reason was that we had vouchers to buy some from Taka and I am sure that I can use the voucher to buy the perfume without paying at all. After a short choosing period of time, my wife decided on the new Gucci perfume Edt. Smell nice and frangance too.

My wife gotten her first branded lovely perfume. Gucci EDT, which had been launched not long ago. The sale man from Taka mentioned that they are the only one selling it currently. Wonderful smell tho.

Here's the look of the perfume. Isn't that beautiful? This is only medium size. The large is not a big as you thought. Wife thought that medium will be enough for her. :)

On the left and right of the perfume were the free gift sampler from the nice saleman. Thanks a lot, dude. The perfume by Gucci is terrific. There's 2 more ain't in the pic were the minature of the Gucci EDT and another model sample by Gucci.

The 2 samplers. Envy and Edt.

Anyway, I wanted to show my perfume as well. It is a bit dusty and no proper layout thus it is not appealing at all. Next time I will show my perfume layout.

After getting our stuff, we went to Heeren to meet up with Kelvin. Lots of decision and there's sure plenty of works to do for oncoming stuff. Real busy, lots of commitment. I do not think I will blog as much as I can. Busy is good... earning more money for better future is good.

This morning my wife took picture of our car... This is her shot tho.

Taken in the early Sunday morning by my wife while waiting for me to drive out

Here's our car! Nissan Latio in Pear White.

I was looking at my wife in the .. daze mood, I guess..

Talk about uniform. There's no different from USMC. You can take a look for the future SAF uniform. Now, WHEN can the NSmen can get? I hope to get it for my next ICT tho! New uniform!!! Hurray... luckily I didn't even buy for the past ICT. LOL

This is how the uniform look like. The rank will be shown on the chest. By the way, this is the only photo I can try finding. By the way, this uniform belongs to U.S. Army.

If you want to know more, can just click here and use the flash to navigate the uniform answer.

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