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Friday, August 8

All thanks to Alex.

Alex, Alex, Alex... Why must it always you? No... It's always you who do something weirdo that make us vomit blood! LOL

But all thanks to you that I look into my PDA photos and there's some I wanted to share out. All photos taken by my HTC Tytn II.

Let me state out since yesterday scenario.

I asked Randy if he wanted to go to loo together. ok, if you wondering why it sounded so gay or rather you put it in a way... school kids going to washroom together... because of the rule set by our manager, each department will have 1 set of keys to toilet which include both gents and ladies... While I am wearing my shoe, Alex dig out the toilet key from his pocket... Man... ok... I chided him for doing that because he did not place the key back! LOL

As for today, I told Alex that he seem like pregnant woman! Been munching the tidbits non stop since yesterday! Each time I turn to my right, there he stretched his arm for tidbits! Just when he popped in the Taiwan favourite tidbits: Wan-wan, Randy gave him an idea when young, the kids used to throw the small crunchy tidbits into the air and catch it by mouth and eat it. Alex managed to do it, I asked him to do again because it is somehow by luck. 2nd time trying, he failed and the tidbits dropped on the floor and rolled it over my side. As I turned to my computer and wanted to step back to talk to them again, tidbits is right below my sole! OMG! The crunchy tidbits was smashed by me... powdery and messy! Luckily auntie Annie, our office cleaner, was doing some vacuuming and I asked her for help.

The wan wan biscuit that I accidentally stepped on it.... as a result...

Soon, lunch time rung! All of us decided to go to the new venue which is further down a little from Shop n Save, where the horrible food court located. Food is good. As we had too many people sharing on 1 table, Wanting, Sandy and me decided to split up. Again, Charlene did not freaking finished her food... wastage of food is not forgivable!!!

As usual, Randy went home since he is working half day. Keith and the rest head back first while Wanting and me waiting for Sandy as she went to Shop n Save to buy Toto. Been a bad mouth of me, I told them that the place doesn't look 'wan' enough to strike any lottery! LOL. It is so deep in it tho! Ok, enough of that. Miser R the Randy waiting for my blog so that he can get his arse back to the game <18 wheels>

When I entered the office, heading back to my seat, Keith asked me IF I took the toilet key. Been a little confusing, I thought that I placed the key in the toilet! I kept thinking if I am the one who took and lost the key? I kept telling Keith I did not take the key, right? Did I place it back? I remembered that I placed it on the washing basin table when I am at the urinal. Keith and me went to the toilet to check it out while I kept thinking if it is me until I recalled that I placed the key in the position that the key can go into the keyhole at the correct level when the door close. Sadly, it does not work.

At the same time, Keith SMSed Alex if he somehow or rather, by any chance in mistake or been foolish of him, confusing, forgetful took the bloody god damn key away unknowingly?

When we returned back to office and that's the time that Keith received the message. Yes! Alex took the KEY and head for lunch with Jeff, plus... please tahan! I scolded him back in SMS that he took the key away. Yah... he replied saying that we can use the handicap toilet. Oh no.. not when the toilet is dirty! Man... Speechless tho. While waiting for both of them, Keith felt uneasy due to his highly sensitive tummyache! By somehow of surprise, their presenter turn up! OMG! I called Alex mobile telling him about the presenter and chided him for taking the key away! Still he say... use handicap's toilet... and on the way... it is not near tho...

I told Keith that we should ask our big boss since he got his own key. He decided not and wanted to try the handicap toilet instead. I followed him and saw that he cannot go out because in some how, he forgotten to tap it properly before heading in. I tapped out so that he can tap in again. We discussed outside if we should ask our big boss or our manager. Both of us agreed and felt that we are making Alex in difficult position because such thing is not controllable! LOL. Just then, our manager came out and wanted to tap in because she also forgotten about it. She was surprised that we are standing outside talking. Both Keith and I went in and saw manager writing something on the scanner (to tap out), I asked if we have another spare key. She wondered for few seconds as asked if we wanted one to keep. I braced my courage and said that because someone... somehow or rather.. took the key by chance and forgotten to put it back as he is out for lunch. Manager was surprised and said that no one should bring the key out! But she did not said much and kinda laugh at such situation. Mabel, Sandy, Wanting and Inez knew the situation and felt... OMG moment.

Yes! Just when we heading to ask big boss, our manager passed me a bunch of keys and one of it is gents toilet. Quickly, both Keith and me went ahead.

Returning back to office and passed the key, Alex was there. I chided him for been so silly and ... whatever I can think of... He been guilty... bought us fried ice cream! Guilty heh! For sure tho!

Keith can't have that so I ate it in his behalf. Yah... I feel heaty now. It taste good, but way too heaty for me! I had both strawberry and yam taste. It is not easy to eat due to ice cream is melting and I tried to eat one corner, but the other side of the ice cream will spill out! As a reason, my hands were filled with ice cream! My shirt, jean, table and carpet... ice cream stained.

The strawberry fried ice cream bought by Alex.

Another look of fried ice cream... But I felt kinda heaty now...

I asked where he got it from and he said that it is from Jeff's house. So I had no idea that it is from Jeff house OR the area. Jeff went home with Alex because he forgotten his pass card! Ok.. that wonder why they are late.

Plus, after telling him all these... He STILL forgot to put the key back! OMG! On what earth, Alex can be still blur...!!!

While snapping photo, I accidentally switched to my 2nd camera hence I took a pic of myself. LOL

WOo.. the pixel is bad!!!

If you do not believe that I love reading... here is the evidence taken by my wife... I am there enjoying my novel non stop!

Boy... am I... studious enough? Reading my novel non stop... lol

Not only that! 2 days ago, we went to KPT for lunch and the weather is quite hot but someone can still SLEEP!!!

I do not bluff because photo is evidence. LOL We wanted to go off quietly and stand a corner to see if she sense something isn't right. But Randy accidentally touched her hence... she knew it! too bad...

Inez was so tired that she kinda dozed off at KPT even when we are talking SO loudly!!! She can sleep anywhere!!!

You can sleep anywhere.. anytime..

Ok, end of blogging. Hoping I can get the engine oil later on at The Frontier, so that I need not to travel down on Sunday tho. A good Friday rest because there's no photo shoot! Oops. I forgotten to tell my mom about it! LOL

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