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Wednesday, July 2

Yesterday packing

Decided to break my post to indicate yesterday and today packing. I had change it the photos to small so that the loading time is faster. I had link up to my flickr web so that you can view it in larger images.

How neat it is after packing up the magazine corner!

Mariam having hard time packing her OST CDs! LOL

These are left untouched due to one of the presenter ain't here to do the program. So I got to put that aside. Thanks to Randy help for packing up the stuff with me.

Posters that we do not want it anymore. Been with us since '03? We really seldom do some housekeeping in office. LOL

I think the cartons going to topple anytime!

These are what been done yesterday. Of course, there's more later on.

More cartons were brought in the morning when I asked my manager that carton are running low! More to pack!!!

Hindi Ghazals that need to be pack. I just simply hate odd shape CDs casing. Made me so hard to pack it in!

These had to left untouched since one of the presenter had not come in for doing the program... brat...

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