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Sunday, July 13

What the heck!

First there's increase of petrol going on and on, then come to food then our lovely people increase the ERP gantries to control the traffic; not enough and they increase the entry! Just to make sure the traffic is smoother! Come on, by doing that ain't everything is way too restrictive? Why not you guys have a year of public transport instead? The road is getting more and more expensive for drivers to use. Or rather this is the GOLDEN road? Some countries rather have the traffic be like that, look at Thai. That's the best answer.

Their traffic may be bad but this is just due to their long waiting at traffic light. So that one side can clear asap. Whereas here, bits by bits. That's no wonder they wanna slice us by bits.

Ok, now Public Transport Company also increase! Hey, we know this is due to petrol hike but please do look at your bloody bus condition. First, it is dirty and I see cockroaches, secondly the aircon is so small till I can hardly breathe, thirdly bus frequencies. Yes, the new bus from 190 is terrific but you can't fetch more passengers. My god... the air seem hard to breathe tho. Why is this so? This also goes out to the rest who are complaining as same as I blog it. Next cab uprise... ok, I seldom cab so its ok. I had no comments.

Look at these... up up and away... that's horrifying! No wonder so many people rather get out of here and join as 'FT' out there and regard as real Talent back in SG. Is this how others thought of?

Story aside. Yesterday both my wife and me went to great Lot One. It's no longer as 'lok' as you thought. The newly renovated (not 100%) look damn great and beautiful. Finally a great complex where we can visit at our area. There are still 50% to be done up on reno. I do hope the Eng Wah at Lot One can do some bloody RENO on their cinema if not... pls. Jurong Point GV is the way for me. I never been to Lot 1 cinema but the counter does turned me off.... oh dear....

We went to find a great pie which call 'Pie Kia'! In hokkien as 'Pai Kia' which meant gangster, triad, hooligan etc. This Pie Kia is indeed PIE and tasted real great! Black Pepper, Mushroom is terrific but not the curry chicken as it is not like Old Chang Kee. Heard that this is co own by OCK too. Check out the web tho.

I missed the pic left side as there's metal chain! Hahaha

This is the pie kia. For big Pie, it's called: Tua Pie Kia! LOL That's clever man!

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