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Monday, July 7

What can I say

Thought I can get away with petrol increase but hell no... I was about to go pay for my petrol and I saw the notice stating the petrol increase! That's so ultra out!

What's up with all the increase of petrol? Now KPE also going to increase their gantries? If they thought of spending 1.5m on ERP for a 3 lane is costly, please do not fix it! This is wasting raw material and wasting electricity! Still dare to talk about go green? OMG!

Anyway I am suppose to meet Kelvin and Lin last Saturday for breakfast before heading to AML Ubi car mart along with my wife. End up he was drunk thus I believe the whole trip is cancel. Not to spoil the mood, both my wife and me still head out for Mac breakfast before we go to Sim Lim to get my studio monitor speaker. Luckily my wife insisted me to ask at Hung Brothers shop (had no idea why I never ask them before), I finally gotten the Samson studio monitor speaker stand at $99. Compared to other shop that sell me at $199 which is not foldable but it do have 2 leg to secure the weight of the speaker.

After that, we went to Challenger to view the Laptop cooler and we be getting that the next time. For do not know why the reason, we head to Cathay Photo and view the Digicam! After several options, we decided on Nikon Coolpix P5100 (had no idea why I got the Nikon for but at least the output is not as bad!) I do not want to get F100fd as my sis already gotten it and I will want to try other brand and model too. :) Ricoh GRD is lovely but not the cost.

Anyway we decided to get the camera is we hardly had small cam to record our sweet moment. Everything is in our mind but not photos. Since then, I been taking a lot of pictures including some boh liao. Like old Microwave (as old one burst) change to new one. HAHA.. and images of my parent having nice HK food at Ci Nai Hongkong cafe (East Coast)! Yummy food and my parents seem to love it a lot! That is on Sunday as my wife work on Sunday for half day! Yeah! Of course loving it!


My wife capture this shot and that period of time, my dad was in the same position with my mom. But knowing my wife is snapping, he moved! LOL

Testing shot one (My cock blur face)

Smile! Hahaha

My mom yummy food: Curry Chicken Rice

My mom can't wait to start her food as she was famished!

My dad seem to enjoy this Bo Lo Bao!

My yummy food: Chicken & Pork Chop rice aka Yuan Yang Rice. Lovely

My dad yummy food: Char Siew Rice with Egg.

My dad seem to enjoy the food a lot! Hee

The yummy food made me drooling!

My wife yummy food: African Chicken Spaghetti

The yummy fried XO carrot cake on the right, while the left is Bo Lo Bao with butter (plain)

My bowl versus my mom. No diff at all! LOL

See? All of us finished up the entire great food!

We also head up to Ikea Tampines to shop. Man... it is huge and too many great stuff! It is very Australia style and I do like the feel of it. Will head up to visit Giant and Courts for the next time round!

I been packing my room to make space for my darling and for now I decided to throw some CDs cover away and put the CD and sleeve in my CD pouch. This will save more space! Throwing is fun because there are too many stuff I do not need.

I decided to give up my mixer as I can directly hook up to my speaker from my breakout box for M-Audio. I only need 2 Mono to 1 stereo so that I can plug in my headphone. I intend to get Bose Champion 5 when I got the money and my monitor speaker will move to photographing studio. I be placing my DJ set up there as well. 1 stone hit two birds.

The speaker stand is great but we had to put some rubber in to the pole to make it stable. Perform great! Now my table is neat and great! Finally it look more refreshing than the old messy items flying around! :p

Mann... this morning as I took the lift, it just do not go up and we got stuck! And yah, with one of my coll from edit suite. After 5min of been stuck kept pressing the alarm bell, the lift door suddenly open and we quickly enter the other one. At the same time I told the girl, who about to enter, that the lift is stuck so better don't take it. So, all of us used the other lift but the third guy who were with me and my coll used the escalator instead. LOL

My office is now damn warehouse!

Entire office carpet had been remove for reusing

It look damn raw now.

And also, more of like warehouse now!

On my left is my department and ahead is the entrance area.

Edit suite boxes preparing to move out soon

Conference room boxes been packed

Everything must go!!!

Yeah, the head is the director of IFP SIN

That's my admin desk. I meant Sandy the admin of IFP SIN. hee

This is the walkway to my department. Left area is pantry.

Intern desk. How amazingly the worker remove the carpet so fast!

To prevent any sticky on your shoes, paper were laid everywhere! LOL

Carpet removed

The entire carpet been removed away

A view from my area towards.

Of course, we do have fun by snapping some boring pics! haha

I just deliberately cover his mouth! LOL

I do look cool, right?

Self Steam of Keith

And there goes another posing of Keith... Hahahaha That's funny!

Mr R aka Randy the part timer.

Keith with his GY face! HAHA

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