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Sunday, July 27

Weekend burn for unpacking.

I slept around 1am on Saturday morning and had to pull myself wake up at 745am! It was a dreadful feeling that I am feeling so tired and some aching that was made by the masseur. But the aching point was kinda indicating I am feeling weak thus the reason of why am I feeling so aching. It took me about 40min to get to my office by SLE. Air was fresh in the morning and I decided to off the air con and enjoy the breeze with my window wind down. The feeling was great and lovingly.

Keith reached the office around 8.30am and that was the time I just walk to the MSCP! He miscalculated the timing and the reason why he ended up reaching the office way so early. Since office is paying for our breakfast, everyone had to be there by 0930 as our boss call the Mac Breakfast. Had my SME and feeling so great! The bad point: no sugar, creamer and stirrer? Stupid enough for the packer forgetting to put those important items in it! I got to use our office creamer which is the same as Mac, using that packet and folded into halve in length which allow it to be strong to stir my coffee. Great breakfast tho.

Don't you think that it look almost the same as like our office at Riverwalk? In fact, it does look almost the same! hahaha

But do not be deceive because the position where I stand to shot the photo previously is at that area!

Anyway, that's our main door entrance but there will be another glass door to be install after this door. Because we had to let the entrance look nice and the grey ugly door is not allow to dismantle due to the rules by the building mgmt

Upon going to the side door, this is how it look. Ahead previously was our small storeroom, and now it is the big 3 x edit suite joint together which there's 2 exit to the other department.

Only 1 door will be locked as their video tape are stored in it.

This the pathway heading towards. Ahead and right is the way to the rest of department and left is meeting room.

This is where all the delivery will be place for the delivery guy to come and pick up.

Traffic control desk.

Admin area which is infront of traffic desk. Seem like they can do some war there! LOL

That's our printers area! Woo.. quite near to me tho. But it is right in front of our big boss room.

While some came slightly late and had their breakfast longer, the rest had already started unpacking the stuff like CPU, monitor, DAT etc...

Of course, priority were CDs so we had to finish that off before we can start doing our own workplace again. There are way too many shuffling of CDs as to make it as neat as possible. We got to think far and let it have more space for future CDs. At the same time, I also helped to shuffle the whole Audio storeroom in a very neat way which allow us to get the boxes easier. Such as, back up box were in the same stack and unused CDs etc. For that, we were told that Video are sharing 1/3 of the storeroom with us. Since one of the box belong to the video which is stack in between our audio box, I decided to arrange a little for them! I placed in the way that bigger surface will be at the bottom and smaller at the top. Everything look so much neater now as compared to the day before. I got to thanks Keith and Randy for the help too! I was so shag that I had almost zero strength!

After settling that, I head back to my desk and started to arrange my stuff. It took me a while to configure and some adjustment which to make me feel so comfortable. Most of the producer placed their CPU tower near table side which might cause it to drop if something got stuck. Should that happen, blame on themselves as I did gave them some warning afterall. While I was trying to figure, Randy asked me to help up Inez on the M-Audio and I ended up helping her to adjust the positioning and tying of cables which to look neat.

I do not mind helping if someone asked me for help. I will not reject anyone and obviously I do not help when someone say neat this and that. Sorry man, that's the way I work. When Mariam asked me about LCD cable, I realized that it was not with her and it was at Keith's side. I helped her to hook up and again, I helped to adjust whatever I could. It is so weird that they did not know some technical stuff!

Wanting thought her LCD went wrong and I wanted to plug out the VGA cable from her CPU to check if it is LCD problem, the DVI connector drop! That's the reason of why her screen went GREEN because of connection of the cable was not tighten at all! Sigh.

I did help to let Weiting understand the audio connection and she is willing to know. I am straightforward, ask and I help. If not, sorry again. I taught her how to connect the DAT to M-Audio and CD player to M-Audio. I did explain SPDIF to her. I am glad that everyone had finished their set up and by then I also had did mine. Contented and very happy with it, of course.

My table which is not settle at that moment.

This will be the final position I want it to be! Neat and simple!

Everyone was busying settling their PC!

Keith's table and Weiting's (Right ahead) Diagonally is where Randy be sitting.

The final look. Neat huh?!

When everything had been done, we were told to set up presenter and scanning area. All of them helped but the placing of cabling was so messy and I (again) plug out and redo the lining. It look great and very neat. I do not blame anyone who do not know how to put cables neatly, this is all because I am a neat freak and it does feel good to see things in proper manner.

For lunch time, we had it at Sheng Siong and lunch will be sponsored at the cost of $4. I had my Chicken Rice again! Was so hungry till I finished up before Inez return with her food! Heee... Look like the Korean food is so pleasing! I also told them what I saw yesterday as one of the SS guy was carrying two trash bag, right hand was holding on to one of it near the floor and the left hand was like Santa Claus carrying at his back. He had no idea of the bag is tore as the dirt watery was spilling out! When he saw it, he hold it by his side at the level of his waist. He had no idea when he did that, the trash bag had passed the yong tau foo stall bowls! To make it simple, the yong tau foo stall is the only one had their bowls and tong placed outside their stall so that the customer can grab it and select the food. The width is against the wall and the length cut the passage way which left not a wide space to the eating tables. That's the reason why the guy had to pull the trash bag up, if not it will knock against the bowls carrier for sure. heh

I also helped to install scanner and printer software which led me to go home later! Sigh... The PC belong to Wanting previously and I had a hard time to uninstall unnecessary programs in it! This might be the future PC for sending of program to UK via high speed! But UK side got to buck up! If not, more and more DVDs to buy which beat the purpose of having hi speed net! The speed is incredibly fast as it reached 400+kbps!

Our final rubbish after a hard day work of unpacking and setting the rest of the stuff.

That's our presenter area and scanning place. Neat? Of course, it is done by me with the help of the rest. Find it too untidy initially, so I decided to re do everything. I had to do some installation before I can go home.

The old PC belong to Wanting and I had to uninstall unnecessary item in there and install the scanner, printer software. Tiring.

Behind the table, that's where the CDs (Hindi) are located.

Everyone preparing to go off asap but I had to stay awhile to make sure the installation finish first. Sigh.... End up staying another 20min.

It was 5.30pm when I had finished the stuff and rush home for dinner at Punggol. (Will be in separate posting)

When will I have my own LCD? Save more space and of course, I can block my big boss from viewing my CRT. Personally find it stupid to put slant which the big boss cannot see your screen, because you had already 'hint' and let the cat out of the bag that you been surfing and doing some other stuff. Be open and the boss will not kept looking at your monitor. Anyway, own preferences though.

Monday will be near soon. :) Feel so tiring after so much of work out.....

To be continue for my Saturday....

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