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Sunday, July 27

Sunday, a laze day.

This is just a short blog as to continue from yesterday. I am feeling so tired to carry on blogging. I supposed to fetch my wife to work in the morning but ended she went to work by bus without waking me up. Sigh.... what a pig of me... this is greatly due to because of the hard work yesterday.

As I reached home, my aunt had already arrived and waiting for us to go to dinner together. My dad was not home yet as he is still working, and my mom went to Punggol on her own via NEL. It's about 6pm+ when my dad came home and quickly get himself showered before he can go for dinner.

The dinner was meant for Guan De Ye Birthday.

Wife took a shot of me driving. LOL.. I never see myself driving tho.

While driving along SLE, I noticed that the sky had this image: Love Heart Shape. It was created by the Air Force performing for the National Day. Never knew that my wife able to capture the shape.

You had to look in the middle and stare for a while till you can see the heart shape.

As a token of appreciate from the Temple, our family were given a plague for donating to them. The entire temple had not been done up to the 100% so there are more donation to get it.

"Jiak Tok" as we called it in dialect. It is something like wedding dinner but the food is not really that high class as compared.

The food are superb and simply loving it. Of course, the dinner also including auction bidding. All items were donated out to them for putting under auction. The money will go back to the temple for fund raising.

Not only that, the temple had some signboard to deliver to Singapore but due to low in cash, they really need more donation from everyone to get it in to Singapore.

Before the feat start... Both my wife and me were so tired and hungry as the dinner commence at 9pm! We ate till late tho.

Look at the long stretch of tentage.

My dad looking at the temple entrance which he explained that the temple did not have Dragon. It is not easy to crave tho.

In the past, we used to go to near Newton circus market for dinner and the floor is all wooden plank as underneath was all wet grass. Those are in the past.

For now, it is built on road and they need not to 'invite' the god statue out to the location as now all of the god were placed in the temple.
The yellow cover on the right is the stage.

My wife took a shot of me taking the "Long light"

The total cost for that bid was $600 and it will be invited to our house on Monday. It is so call to bring luck and brightness to our family.

I had no idea we won the bid as I was talking to my wife non stop. I was so lost when I am tasked to go up and take the light. Heee. As I written my name, it will be in their donation namelist which will be craved on the board.

My dad, bro in law and some relative had their name on the board for donation on Ah Pek statue. They made a mistake that the name turn out to be my dad's and not me. I had no issue with it but my mom insisted that having our name on it will look nice. There will be additional names to put it in as more donation will be make.

These are the light which will be invited home the next few day. Apparently there will be some ritual perform after the dinner day, and these lights are one of the those appear in it and meant to bright up even more.

Mine is on the corner right. Number 9 for the auction.

The overall look. I carried the light from the stage to here. The distance ain't long as the stage is just right behind it. I pray to the Jade Emperor and was told to ask for wishes. I got lost tho. So I asked for other in the lost mind. hee

The grand 5 lights.

During the dinner, 2 tables in front of us were all PRCs. They made so much noise which kinda irritate quite a number of people. They smoke and drink non stop. One of the guy, which I guess, kept on drinking non stop and quite a number of people wanted to drink with him because he can really hold on the liquor. But irritating is one word. The smoke.. argh...

It was about 12.30am when we got back home. I had to send my parent home first as the journey will be faster then all of us head up to Jurong East then back to home. Plus, the car will be a lot lighter. LOL

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