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Monday, July 14


I began to love Rubik!!! Not that now then I know about it but such stuff is something I been wanted to get!

Both my wife and me gotten the rubik cube last Saturday which is free from L movie DVD. Yah, it isn't that easy to do tho because all the 6 side must be in the exact photo! Damn... it is hard. I intend to get the real rubik cube tho. Till I can master well, I shall aim 4x4x4 or even 5x5x5! Ok... I had such a big hat to wear when I do not have! LOL

Look at this video tho! Woo....

L Movie is nice as I just watched it yesterday night. Look like I shall get the Death Note 1 and 2 too! Had not watched that before.... :p I wanna movie/ drama marathon with my wife! LOL :p

And of course... It had been a long time since I watch this!

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