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Sunday, July 20

My Sunday blogging

Finally I can rest on my chair and start blogging after some stuff been done. Today I did not have my usual curry rice at Tiong Bahru which partly due to my uric acid and had to eat less of pork, plus my parents urge me to please stay healthy. Oh well, I have great vegeterian beehoon instead.

Supposing to head up Bukit Batok to get the photos develop at Miao Laan but as I told my mom about photo developing, she mentioned that my uncle also wanted some of the photos of grandma which I took last year. I decided to drop the idea of developing today and go back to re select with my wife before I go to Chinatown, Hong Lim area to get it develop at KT DI.

Yesterday both my wife and me along with my mom finally finished the whole series of Heart of Greed! The ultimate drama about their fortune kept snatching from each other and lovely that the show ended nicely. I feel so sad that the show ended. LOL. Ok, that's just drama and not real life but the scriptwriter indeed 'Two Thumbs Up'! Now going to get some of the other drama to watch! Lovely.

Because of the show with wonderful weather, my wife was craving for Ma La Steamboat. So both of us head out to Sheng Siong to get some ingredients to the lovely dinner. Sad to say my sister do not want to come.

Anyway, the soup wasn't as tasty or rather what I really love. The herbs are too strong and I guessed that I had some phobia towards herbs smell. The food are great but ain't the smell of the Ma La. But the mixing of the soup with noodles are indeed superb!

Let me introduce you our Ma La Steamboat session!

The lovely food that's going to be in our tummy!

Vegetable! Yum yum.. Ma La Steam boat

Preparing of our mini steamboat session. LOL

My mom started stirring the food...

The ma la steamboat filled with all the yummy ingredients.

Side track abit.

Now office is under moving period and everything will be damn chaos. From Wednesday I will not be online during office time until 28th (Monday). This is due to Network shutdown. I had planned what to do when we are at the new office. The first things is to get the computer set up asap and I will be the one who do the cabling while Keith be helping to check the sound and the computer are working fine. That way it make things smoother. I do not mind helping out for all of them but they have to be precise what is right and wrong to put and where not to get so near of. I can guide but they have to listen and I had already tell myself not to spoon feed all.

Anyway the portable shelves had been removed beside my desk.

This is how empty it look when the movable shelves been removed

The movable shelves been placed there with the rest of the boxes are meant to be moved during the wkend.

My desk, which I had just packed it halfway

My working area

My so call personal cooler!

Ha... Boss love to see this type of working arrangement (Full of things made you hardworking!) That's Keith table

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