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Thursday, July 3

My cards

Mann... I remembered that on Monday when I went to Esso petrol kiosk to pump, my DBS/POSB credit card got declined! I end up had to use one of the seldom usage card: Diners Club.

When I called up to the bank and ask what actually happened, the answer was that I had over limit the usage of card?! I was... Huh? How could that be as I had 2 installment undergoing on this bank. I wanted to wait for the payment to come but due to my worried, I login to iBanking and found that I was charged Annual Fee for 3 cards! That's the reason why my limit got over shot of $200! I end up terminating that 3 cards since I never used them before. 2 x Plat and a Classic were terminate with immediate effect.

I admit that I had all the cards from DBS (let's not talk about which cards I had. Not the rich person card) Reason: got turned down twice. LOL

Ok, I also have all the cards from different bank. Reason: different bank credit limit plus usage. But of course not all the cards from one bank I really own them. I am minimizing which card to keep for different bank. Unless they do not allow me to waive the annual fee. Its not a bad thing if you think it carefully, but of course spending wisely!

I had to re arrange my study room as my wife had no space to use her mac book. Because of that, our arm resting is quite uncomfortable after 20min as we had no 2nd chair. That also include her bluetooth mouse and mine been fighting against each other which made it hard to read! Imagine my mouse is just beside her BT? That caused her to lag big time! LOL But we really need to arrange in a way that our treadmill will sit properly and made the whole space wide open. I gotta throw most of the books which I do not want. Neat is good.

Got to get 2 x monitor speaker stand for myself. So that the entire table will be much spacious. Hoping that it will do a lot of different after the clearing up.

Oh yeah, Saturday I be heading to AML Ubi to view cars (again)! Ok, not me. But with my partner's friend. :)

I still owed Scott money which I had to return ASAP :(

Our (Kelvin and me) site is finally up. THIS is our site for commercial photographing. I am going to capture more photos for our portfolio. We be constantly updating our works for each job done up (subject to client approval)


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