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Monday, July 21

Monday blogging

I shall not say much and showcase you the current office situation! LOL.

Ho ho.. Our empty audio department!!!

Damn empty

Dan empty

God... this is so empty...

Our empty cozy corner???? WTF

The reason why I took this photo as below is because I am trying to disturb Daphne pic over at facebook! LOL

This is Daphne

My version! LOL

Im just trying to pose something near to Daphne pic. (1)

Im just trying to pose something near to Daphne pic. (2)

Of course, this is Keith's version but.... What kinda expression is that tho!!!!

Boy, am I insane or what... LOL Anyway I am doing that for the sake of fun! Just some crazy shot I wanted to do... thanks to Keith help! LOL

At the same time, I looked at my blind spot mirror and attempt to take it. LOL

Im trying to capture myself on the blindspot mirror which is meant to check who the hell is behind me! But I think I need to give a closer snap

How you think of the close up then the previous one?

As I am doing the cam whoring, Charlene saw it thus we started the topic on which side of her face look nicer taking pix. You shall be the judge! LOL

Charlene said that she do not take this side of her face, what do you think?

Charlene said this view is better. Is she doing some audition?

Apart from there, it seem like Keith also want to cam whore himself, thus he pose a wonderful position for me!

Here you go!
No proper studio lighting so bear a bit hor!

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