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Wednesday, July 23

Last post from Riverwalk

This will be my last post from The Riverwalk. The next posting shall be continue from office will be at Ban Teck Han center which is my office, IFP, be locate at.

Keith, Randy and me had fun taking photos earlier on and we will be continue doing it tomorrow. I will upload the photos in my next post as I had no time to adjust, upload to flickr and link to my blog. Might be tonight or so.

While we had adapt to this area, it's time to move on. Look like the temptation from Funan and Adelphi will be gone! Challenger, Harvey Norman, sound system shops are one of the those we often visit. Next time I still had to travel all the way to town just to visit the mall. Quite sad as all the area we wanted to go to is so convenient. Well, we had to learn to live with it (our damn new place tho)

I got temptation to buy two more books regarding to Photoshop CS3. One is by Scott Kelbey and the other is more into details. I wanted to learn more on retouching and photos as it will be in help for future while doing photographing. This is not really wasting of my money as I find it tired to surf around which some of the tutorial may not be as detail as from the book. Cons and pros tho. At least this is something I am willing to spend on learning. Be it design or photo, I just want to be good on photoshop.

Now I am going to shut down my computer and pack the stuff. The next post from BTH will be next Monday.

Say goodbye to The Riverwalk. The next time I be around will be just passing by. I will miss the god damn lift, the damn aircon and beautiful scenery from our department.

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