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Tuesday, July 22

Irritating piece of shit

I had enough with my neighbor's son due to him always smoke along the corridor while heading back home! I felt so irritated with the smell when I am soundly asleep! Can't he be more considerate to smoke before heading back home? I do not even want to care whether he is ah beng or what!

Yesterday night, or rather this early morning, he and his friend were walking along the corridor to his house and they are talking quite loud but I can tolerate but the smell of the ciggie is way OFF! You fucking bastard want to smoke, please fucking get out of the way and smoke till you drop elsewhere?! What happen if my wife is pregnant? I will not let you off for fucking smoking so much! Yes I do smoke in the past! Be a considerate smoker, ok? One more time I smell you smoking along my area, you going to get it from me big time. I do not even scare of him to shout me back because it make you a LOSER Prick! This is such a damn asshole I ever so pissed about!

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