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Friday, July 25

The final move.

The weather is absolutely great now! I shall start my Company of Heroes: Opposing Front after blogging. I be going back to office at AMK at 1pm as the packers only started loading and shifting now.

We were rushing to pack up the remaining as the packers arrive at 10.30am. So, for some that had finished the stuff goes around helping and me taking some photos too.

The packing start right after some of us had finished the breakfast. I had moved the computers and some machine to one corner so easier packing.

For sale.... Anyone wants it? LOL. This is the place I put at whereby the packers can pack them together.

Some of our CPUs. Not all of them were there as they preferred to label to their own desk. Anyway the rest seem to be mess up as that's what they prefer. Only Charlene, Weiting, Inez, Keith and mine were place together so it will be easier for me to locate then having so many boxes in our mind.

Inez was working real hard by packing the stuff. That's Charlene stuff! To think we had to help out on clearing up, including the smelly slippers of her.

All the people getting way too busy for last min packing .

The CI (China Airline) gals busy packing and checking emails before server shut down! heh. Busy Wanting (at the 2nd seat).

It's getting more and more empty tho.

Keith do his final check. (Some like rigger at C-130 doing final check on load. LOL)

This is Randy coffee.. smell really great tho.

Our seats been paste with sticker which to indicate where it will go at BTH.

You can see clearly who is working and lazing around. LOL.. Apparently Randy was enjoying his coffee tho. LOL

Empty is the word that I can say here.

Packer arrived and started to do up the boxes before they place the system in it. Very professional. :)

The working scenario of both IFP and Rhema packers.

So busy.. packing, taping, listing, talking etc...

Our stuff which included DAT, cd player, CPU and monitor been packed in it for moving easily. Don't you think it look so neat now?

Is Keith fragile??? Erm... shit... I didn't know that.

Tables been dismantle and put one side for next day moving.

Empty empty empty... good bye...

Every moment is getting empty... it is kinda sad tho.

Yes... it is empty for sure... getting sad...

Back view from CI side near the window.

From Mariam side of the back view.

Keith side of the back view.

My top shot from down showing the whole IFP audio department emptiness.

Our last view from the department.

Will miss it for sure.

Isn't it beautiful? Sigh... that's life. Due to rental, we had to leave there.

Outside view with inner scenario.

Packing some last min stuff that everyone had forgotten about!

Some meeting around regarding of where to place the boxes.

The equipment.

The stuff that had been packed for moving.

Randy, the supervisor walking over to do a check on the boxes. ROFL.

All of them will have to move the next day.

Our chairs... See you..

Ready to go!

Poor Sandy busy packing up with so much stuff...

What's up with Inez? Even Randy felt so disgusted! LOL. Just kidding.

Poor Keith going through the tough work. Ok, I am busying taking photos at that time and I can only care about snapping, ain't helping.

I just want to capture more moments.

For now, these 5 photos below were taken by Inez as she is trying to play around.

We were caught in the act by Inez secretively!

A snapshot from Inez. What's up with both Randy and me? Insane tho.

Everyone was laughing at Alex chanting... Wahahaha

Inez was playing with my camera and I decided to give some stupid pose for her to take it. LOL

So does Keith! Haha.. Inez was the one who shot it.

And now, I taken my camera back and shoot even more. As Inez and Alex were sitting side by side I shall make another lame joke on them. Please read, it's just meant to be a joke tho. hee

Forgive me that I had no idea what are they looking at tho. :)

Again.. Inez and her smiley face :p

For now, my lame joke (again)
The story is funny:
Alex:"I'm coming sweetie"
Inez:"Geez.. that's sweet and I been waiting!"

And of course, I found someone lazing!

I guess he love to rest and I am wondering if he know I am taking a pix of him. lol

From Admin, Sandy's desk area view.

Our IFP logo which had been took down and left the marks on the wall. Beside it on the right was the door previously, which been took off and place it at the new office.

Our front view of Inflight Productions @ The Riverwalk. Good bye.

Notices that pasted on the glass door informing we had moved.

Left view of video department.

Front view of the office upon entering.

Lonely cables

The cables that not usable after been cut off.

The left over cables and patchbay from edit suite. Very low light without flash, thus my hand shake cause the image to be blur.

Video Department from right view.

Smiley Wanting

Wanting and the beautiful scenery behind her. Apparently, at least all of us seen how the Ferris Wheel was built up from the start till now.

The usual place where most of us often visit. BK Eating House. It does have great mix vegetable rice food. Loving it till now.

Good bye to BK Eating House and the rest of the food around us. Sigh... the good food... I miss you all...

Will miss badly for the food and the surrounding. I had my last breakfast bought it near from the bus stop since months ago after cafe lobby had moved (really missed the CHAR MEE of theirs). Keith told the uncle at the shop that we are moving and this will be the last time we buying from there, and the uncle also mentioned that quite a lot of people also moved out from the area due to high rental which not a lot of people can afford the high rental payment monthly. Isn't quite sad? Due to IR and F1, thanks a lot for making the place even more worth and driving most of the people out of town. Ok, at least there's no ERP! :p

After packing up of the stuff, we head down to the Italian Restaurant for coffee and ended up eating some food. LOL Riciotti is the place we went to. Can you believe that this is the first time we went in for meal and short meeting since the the day one we moved there? Anyway I had been to before but located at China Square area. Great food and loving the pizza.

Initially, both Keith and me wanted to try out the Pizza alone and maybe add those who wanted. But end up our boss said that the remaining of Audio fund will be use for this meal and the difference will be top up by her. I did not order expensive drink as I prefer Caffee Latte. There are 13 of us in total and we had 2 big pizza share with 10 people. Only Mariam and Norimah are not eating due to Halad. Of course, both of them and someone ordered their quite expensive dessert cake. The bill ended up costing $196!

I know my limit so I did not order expensive stuff and Wanting feel like paying back some of the $ to our boss as in a way, she did not owe us anything despite whether should a boss treat or not. In a way, she is a very nice boss to all of us, how can we take things for granted? Right? Anyway the cost for each will be $8 plus. I will still think full timer should pay back what we ordered and let the part timer, intern been treated.

Mine Caffe Latte.

The spicy chicken pizza is damn nice.

The reason for the laugh was that while I wanted to snap it, Keith was passing some stuff to Randy or Alex and his hand was literally in front of my cam! Due to that scenario, Inez can't help it by laughing non stop.

Charlene and Inez .... erm.. cam whoring? haha

Inez is so clever to put her back so that she look smaller in pic. End up Inez wanted to retake. LOL. Thanks to Jeff commenting wor. haha

Ok, Inez trying to put her head forward to make it bigger as compared to Charlene.

Splendid meal treated by our manager (Will want to pay back tho.)

Will got to move out soon to unpack the stuff. :)

What a Friday.

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