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Monday, July 28

Depressing work day

It seem like we are working temporary but I got to slap myself awake that this is real! We had to work here till... there's no answer at all. The new working environment however did not actually boast our morale but greatly decrease tremendously. During lunch time, most of us felt so depressed about where can we go and eat? What can we do next? It is so unlike the old times where we can shop around and of course, the things around us does not made us feel so down. Now I began to miss those jams, noisy traffic and weirdo shop houses etc... Now, we are facing HDB and the nowhere to go industrial area.

Now, this is much stupid as I can think of. Because the office only had 2 keys for both male and female toilet, it had to be on one common area where everyone can take and go. We had to unlock and lock the toilet doors for the safety sake. But why can't the office just distribute everyone the key instead? What if we feel stomach ache on our way to office in the morning or after lunch break? We had to rush back to the office, grab the key and rush to toilet? This is so much insane! For the sake of convenience, please let us have the key tho. Now, everyone stand up and kept asking if any one wanted to go to toilet. Of course I meant by sex. The girls in office said we are gay and scared to go to toilet together! But when I said that we only had 1 bloody key and who knows whoever took the key to either front or back toilet, the other person will be in deep shit! And also, one got to pass the key to another if they meet in toilet, if not who will bloody close the door? This is so RESTRICTIVE! I hate it.

Our main door will remain the same as it will not be glass door. As I reached quite early today around 8.40am, both my manager and me were standing outside waiting for our Operation Manager to come because she is the only one who have the key to open. I asked my manager that will they change to glass door? But weird that my manager said that it might not be because if 2 grey doors were widely open, the signboard and the entry pass security will be blocked. If they insisted on having such design, this is way stupid and ugly. Having such entrance made us even MORE depressing! Sigh.

Had no idea why the hell they wanted to do that for. We shall monitor tho. The smell of the new office sucks. It made me feel so giddy as the new reno smell is way too strong. Sigh again.

Yesterday, I gotten the Bluetooth from BPP. It is Sony Ericsson HBH-PV702. I paired up the BT and phone together, but when I called myself, I just simply can't pick up the call via the ans call button. It just transferred the whole ringing tone from phone to my BT headset and vice versa after pressing again. Initially, I just can't hear the ringing tone from my BT headset as it is ringing from my phone. It is weird that I cannot answer the call. Even after reading through the instruction, it remain the same. Earlier on I tried on Keith's phone and it work perfectly! I can confirm that it is not my BT headset giving problem but the setting. Damn it.

Also, I invited the light lamp home from temple. When we reached the temple, the time is 1pm and my mom wanted to pay off the auction money. After doing that, we wanted to make a move to fetch my wife so that we can go home together. But my mom need to wait for her sister to come first as she also wanted to make some donation as well. At the same time, there's some ritual going on, so we can't just take it like that and also, the light lamp had been blessed so we can bring home anytime.

Luckily I went to fetch my wife first because the inviting of the light lamp home require us to light up the joss stick, pray to Guan Di Ye first before we can bring the light lamp with joss stick home without letting the fire goes off. We were told that it is alright for the light to go off for the light lamp. This is the first time I travel SLE at the speed of 70km/hr at the very low speed. I had to be careful that the oil did not spill out and hoping the fire will not goes off. Of course, that include the smell of joss stick in it too. I cannot open the car window due to fire burning and had to live a small gap to let the smoke go out as it is so suffocating in the car. Heh...

While we almost reach home, the fire finally goes off! But it is alright and I drive even faster so that the joss stick will not finish burning. By then, the joss stick left 1/4. Phew... Got it pray and settle the stuff. The light lamp will have to return back to the temple next year for Guan Di Ye Birthday.

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