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Friday, July 18

Blog of my whole week

There's some photos that I did not share. Maybe the reason is so much obvious: Lazy.

You may think it's just a normal fine by those auntie... but...

That's summon! This is the first time I saw the car got fine while parking there. This car parked there until late night and this is the first car who got fined for such situation. Sway is the word to use because there are others who parked there too, including the loading/unloading bay. I counted myself to get egg and not the beautiful white paper!

I had not been to Tiong Bahru market for a long time and am I surprised that it changes so much! Call me 'sua ku' then. Imagine the old dirty market like 80s transformed to clean and neat 2 storey market! Below where the market lies and 2nd storey is the food center!

My favourite food of all: Fried Carrot Cake (White). But it is not as nice as I hoped for!

Here's some photos I taken at the food center.

Design is rather pretty

Stalls after stalls of food! yummy? Heh

So much cleaner! I can still remember the old oily flooring which is quite ... yes.. Disgusting. The market is dark and cement flooring which is really dirty and of course: Wet Market. That's like when I am 10yr old plus back then and my relative often brought me there to eat and walk.

The airy space is wonderful.

Let's not forget the yummy kopi and teh! Gosh... yummy is the word! Will visit there again tho.


Now to yesterday. I had bad headache on Wednesday so I went to see a doc but was that blessing in disguise?! When I told the doctor about the pain on my toe, he mentioned that this is due to gout! My god... At my age of 27, I already having warning sign of gout! This is so pathetic and I really have to go on serious diet. My wife's coll hubby had this sympton and was told by TCM that he need to drink the 'Golden Needle' which can cure the initial stage of gout. As for now, he had recovered! Of course, watch for diet!

I think the reason why was that I ate quite a lot of salmon and duck recently! That caused me in great pain on Wednesday. To my surprised that I had blood pressure shoot up! I didn't take a lot of salt tho because I do not like salty food. It could be stress and tiring but looking back, I do had some salty food recently. Proper workout is needed and Please ME go do workout! I mentioned a lot of time in my blog and all these are half fuk shit.

I injured my ankle while walking on the grass and now I had swollen on my left side of my culf muscle! Look like the Bukit Timah Hill climbing had to call off! :( I shall see if I can make it tomorrow morning with my wife.

No red meat and some vegetable for me as it cause gout. Luckily most of the food I do not like after checking it through but duck, pork and scallop are one of those I often eat but not always. More starch food had to take in but not over because starch is sweet so i had to watch out. For that, I had to drink a lot of water which I often do that. This is to dilute the uric acid, while some of the acid did not dilute off, it will turn crystallize and go towards the joint as that's when gout attack occur. More serious factor will be kidney failure, so I better cut away more oily food and be more healthy. Workout is important also. Man I am lucky to sign up for IPT for end Aug which is damn tiring but good in a way that I can constantly keeping myself doing workout. For health, I must do it. For family, I must really be healthy.

Yesterday while heading to work on bus, the aircon was so bad because it is letting warm air instead of cold. Why does this always happen? I suspect this is due to engine heat which one part of the cover is not properly cover thus hot air flow into the bus. It is ultimate bearable as the fan is like on 3rd or 4th speed.

As I am sitting in the middle of seat at the last row, there's one guy who sat on my left had his bloody leg open so wide. Man, you got big balls? Please be considerate to close your stupid damn leg. I even put my fat thigh against his and taking advantage his leg as wall to rest. Yet, he still do not feel anything and continue sat at that way from CCK to Rendezvous Hotel! I even tried to sleep and lie on him as to get back on him. Ok, he do felt it as he tried to sit straight tho but the movement is so small and it does not do any good. The reason I did that is not because I am unhappy but someone squeeze in to my right side of the seat! I felt a bit cramp as I am not small in size! Damn you. While he tried to get off, I let him have little space to get down. Do you think I will scare if he dare to scream at me? Oh please, I am just been nice to return in kindness. Period.

Need to thanks Randy for helping me to buy this beautiful USB fan which I can plug to my LCD. I only use it when the weather is pretty nice and still in need of wind. So I can save the electricity from my wall fan! Hee. Wall fan will only use when my room is so HOT! Been running the PC for days so obviously it is quite stuffy. LOL

This is how small the fan look beside my LCD. Haha.. Easy to use also. Oh yeah, behind that was my Logitech controller which I used for my GRID game. LOL

Ok, I am insane to buy Rubik's cube recently. This is 2x2x2 cube and ya.. I didn't solve it myself as I watched on youtube to get it done! I will try and try again to get it work on that. 3x3x3, here I come! LOL

1 more week to office moving! So sad to leave here... Hate the ultimate office like feeling at the new place. Yucky tho.

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