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Wednesday, July 2

2nd day of packing

Here's what I shot today.

Thanks the packer from Rhema who helped us so much

The guy is fast by doing the boxes for us. Of course, they needed for themselves too.

I began to felt that we are more like warehouse! Hahaha!!!

There's sudden black out earlier on which caused some of the producers' computer rebooted!

Welcome back the light! Luckily my computer is not affected at all! Phew!!!

Bubblewrap anyone?

Look at the table... I still got so many to pack in the boxes. Thanks to the presenters not coming in yet... sigh

One of the normal shot I took while looking around the office aimlessly! LOL

It will just keep on increasing! Till all had been packed then you see!

My artistic shot when I tried to snap it by having my PDA on my waist. Just nice that Randy walked into the frame. Do not want my manager to see what the heck am I doing! LOL

There's delay on renovation so all CDs can be packed by 9th July. We still got ample of time tho. I can't wait for the move! Counting down to our payday which is the date that we will all report to the new location! Woot!

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