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Monday, June 23

Weirdo for my DVD drive

The game GRID is damn awesome and thanks to my darling because she bought it for me! Yes, I wanted the game so much thus she got the PC game for me instead of PS 3 as we do not have that at all.

Apparently, my DVD burner seem to give problem because it seem to read my disc but yet it does not load at all. Even when I plug out and in of my ac power, there's no use. It kept on reading as the game is running but yet nothing turn up fine.

Furthermore, it can reinstall the game?! Isn't that confusing?

I shall try what William told me by opening the casing up first. If it works, great. If not, I shall get the Samsung SH-S182M 18X LightScribe DVD Burner.

I also gotten my controller to play my GRID game at night if my drive can works!

Loving it. Shall not get the steering wheel as it is way too big and I rather buy something that can works with both PC and PS3 which Logictech have.

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