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Monday, June 2

Tiring Saturday

Early morning on Saturday, wifey and me along with my mom went to AMK for breakfast as we thought that we should try somewhere further tho, thus we decided there. We had great food and the most favourite food for me was the fried carrot cake! Yummy.

After having the marvellous meal, we set off from AMK hub. I should say that we are rather lucky because we managed to get in the car park and found the lot before the rest of the cars were stopped at the barrier as it stated "Car Park Full"

I head the wrong way at AMK as I am suppose to go to CTE, instead I drove to YCK!!??? So I decided to make a U-turn, as I saw the road is clear, just one Toyota Camry which is quite far away from me. Without further ado, I speed up and make the turn, just when I was turning, I got horned by that irritating car! The distance is far and this is so obvious that the Toyota Camry was SPEEDING! I do not care and just went on my lane but this Indian woman, in her 30s, stared back and kept attempting to cut my lane! (I had no fucking idea why she need to do that!) Instead, I didn't go slow and maintain my speed and made her fed up till she decided to stick to her lane. Puiz... what a driver...

After sending my mom to work, both my wife and me head home first since we had wedding dinner to attend. But we chose to wash the car first and make it sparkling clean! But... when we reach home and get ready.... rain... that's ultra... demoralise!

We head off at 7pm but it's still raining at that time... reaching Orchard is headache. ERP and ultimate jam along the road. Cocktail start at 7.30pm but we ended up reaching at 7.45pm. I just do not like to be late despite there's a lot of others who were late... Damn hungry.

While I was at the lane to move into Centrepoint Shopping Center carpark, lot's of cars lining up and waited patiently. At the same time, there's convoy for some big shot from US. Had no idea where they are heading to but from my view, there's quite a jam along Plaza Singapura side.

There's a Cefiro (White) beside my car at that time and because of impatient, the driver drove up to another Cefiro (Grey) in front of me to cut it in. Of course, the grey been so pissed with such driver, it die die do not like the white car in despite it had almost going into the lane. There's a short struggle whether who to move first but end up the grey Cefiro won! The car just made a small turning which almost scratched the left side of the car and the back side part on the right which is about 1-2" away from the White Cefiro front left bumper! Incredibly, the grey car managed to get away from such a pathetic space! Ok, I let the car move in lest the jam will be even worse!

The total carpark fee was $3.40 by the time we head home. Wife friend park near the HMV side and costing him $3.50 per entry! Ok, $0.10 a part and save a lot on walking! LOL.

Congrats to Veron's friend, Yvonne. Blissful marriage to you!

I am glad that my wife's friend still remember the food at our's at Orchard Parade Hotel and they still loving it! Ok, just to be frank, the food at Teochew menu may seem appetizing but the taste is not. Quite a let down for the food tho. I shall not comment much but I do love the fried noodles and yam paste. :)

When we reached home and about to turn in and sleep, my mom came in my room and told me that Grandma is not in good condition. So quickly, we head out with my wife and mom to fetch my aunt and her hubby. My dad remained at home because he got to work in the morning. When we reached my grandma house, my granny was still sleeping. Heard that she felt sleepy at 10pm and just fall asleep in just 1 sec. From 10pm till 1am, she had been like that and she just can't seem to wake up! It was so weird tho.

Soon, my cousins along with his parents also arrived. My mom told me not to call my Sis first because we had to monitor the situation first. And also, should there be any help when we were tired, both my bro in law and sis can help out too. After 20 min, everyone decided to call for Ambulance at 995 since it was emergency. No one dare to make decision until my cousin's dad arrived, who is the elder son.

Shortly, the paramedic arrived and help my grandma to check her pressure. As usual, my 2nd aunt cried. The paramedic found out that she having very low blood sugar so they quickly inject her with glucose. About 10min, my grand ma seem to be awake and she is stabilise.

Initially, my grandma was unconscious and I can see that her eye ball was moving and able to see us but just can't wake up. She kept sleeping side way and wanted to eat her fist. Luckily was found that she had low blood sugar. I even thought that we should call our medium and consult.

So, all of us board the cars and follow the Ambulance to SGH. My aunt and mom told my wife to get off from the car and guide them through should there be any question asked. Quickly I went and park the car first. When the nurse asked some question, it seem like we know the situation better then our cousin as they can't seem to answer anything. But weird that why isn't the nurse look at us when we were answering? Anyway, was told by my wife that my granny became so awake and she kept asking what happen? Why is it like that?

We seen our granny at the observatory ward and she was so awake like I had never seen before! I am dead serious!

Around 3am, my cousin and his wife along with his mom make a move first. All of us were so tired that we kept falling asleep and there's so many injury people coming out from the Ambulance. The only one I saw was the guy who had his head bandaged were filled with blood, etc etc etc.. What can you expect from A&E?

Around 5.30am, we were told to send my 1st aunt and her hubby home first, and my 2nd aunt with his son will go home at 6am to avoid the midnight charge. Soon, my big uncle and 2nd uncle went home shortly after 6am. While I was driving home, I kept biting my finger hardly as not to fall asleep! Luckily my bro in law told me this and it kinda work! LOL

Reaching home at 6am and my dad just woke up to go work, I told him little details before both my wife and me Zzz until 12pm.

Leave my mom at hospital at 5.30am, she was all alone from 7am until 1pm when the rest arrived to see my granny. My mom also told me that my granny had used up her $20 within 4hrs on food only! Luckily half of the food was eaten by my mom and of course, she was so god damn tired when she reached home.

End up, all of us shut off the light at 10.30pm and sleep until today. LOL

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