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Tuesday, June 10


Last Friday, I went for temple ceremony at Punggol and it lasted for about 3 hrs in total. To cut thing short, this particular ceremony is the so-called grand opening for the temple of "Tai Jun Fu" 天君府. As the new temple had been built, they need a lot of donation to get the statue of gods. As that particular night is the best night among all, so the deity from the heaven will come down to mortal world, enter the medium body and perform some ritual to indicate the temple had been open.

I will load only some photos in my blog and there will be more to view when you click on the photos as follow.

The front entrance of the temple.

This is where devotee will put their joss stick when praying to Jade Emperor, also known as 天公.

The taoist priest will perform some ritual later to the God.


The entry to the hall is not open yet, only when the deity arrive, then the rest of the devotees are allow to enter.

The statue of each god is taller then anyone of us. It is more then 1.8m tall, I guess. Of course, not all of it were there tall but it is very huge!

This is the part where not a lot of people will want to see. They are from Hell. The one sitting on is the boss, sorry I can't remember the name. For the two standing beside him are Dua Ah Pek and the below are Yi Ah Pek, also known as 大二爺伯. The one who guide the medium to do these were from the one wearing the red robe. His surname is Tan, so the rest of us call him 陳爺伯, he will beat and scold the helpers who are slow in doing things. One of the fiercest among the four of them. The rest of the 3 surname are 蔡, 笵 and 謝.

This is no stranger to you. The God of Kwan is the most important figure in this temple. Given his ranking, the temple had to take the centre hall as there are 2 more beside this on left and right. On the left of this hall is call Tian Ci Gong aka 天慈宮, while on the right is call Sheng Jia Temple (I forgotten the Chinese name so I didn't put it down lest I been scolded)

This is tricky because I had no idea all of their name. There's Ji Gong, Zai Zai(Very playful) and the one whose face in red (Forgotten the name again, but he is the one who did the ritual later on)

I know the photo is a bit dark but in the picture, the in charge of temple was talking to Dua Ah Pek and get more instruction to avoid mishandling.

The overview from the front.

The door of the hall.

The helpers tearing the plastic that protect the joss stick. Very nice joss stick.




Devotees started to light up the joss stick

The deity is now in the medium body.

All the helpers were carrying the small god statue which had to bring it in to the hall with the deity leading them

The head of the temple carrying the tablet of the temple high up and walk towards the hall while the deity is following behind.

Thats the deity with the face bee painted red to identify the character.

The priest is chanting for the temple before the tablet and deity can proceed in.

While rest standing behind and waiting

The deity instructing the man to move in first with the tablet

As followed

All the helpers quickly place the god statue in place before the rest of devotees proceed in and pray


After praying, everyone proceed to the Tian Gong and kneel down while the priest were chanting. As for the hall, due to too many joss sticks around, it create too much smoke and this is what it became.



That's the end of the whole ceremony and ritual

End of day... by then it was 3am.. and my dad had to go work at 4am.. poor thing..

What a day to join in such significant ceremony.

I had changed my tyres from Toyo J50 to Hankook V8RS at $104 each. This is the 195/50R15 I am getting, the 185 will cost lesser by $4. Bigger width will be good so I took that and try! The tyre are extremely good as the noise level drop quite a lot from Toyo which is so GOD DAMN noisy!!! And also, the driving on wet surface seem good and the gripping, which I can feel is damn awesome. Thanks to Robertoon from My Car Forum, he had great crews there at Toh Guan branch. I went to view the rims too but find it costly and not all of that I like hence, I skip that out. I will change to either 16" or 17" for my next car. For time being, 15" is more than enough because I want it safe driving. The lounge on 2nd floor of Hankook is cool, really feel so homey tho. But a bad thing: no music tho. 1st floor is where they do tires changing. One of the guy which is not from Hankook asked me that my tires threading is still strong, why change? I returned with a smile and didn't say much because I lost of words. LOL

My office will be moving ard end July as my boss predicted that there will be slight delay and we were told to do this and that on the moving (nothing new since we did it before).

There's slight changing on sitting arrangement. IBoth Keith and me will be changing the seat near to our boss, as she got her own room. Luckily there's 1.2m tall of partition so no one can see what I am doing, although my big boss can see quite clearly from his area, but he need to stand up and view it. At least I am not along the pavement whereby so many people will view my working space. LOL There's good and bad so no complaint. Anyway, we been warned to work on Saturday.

There's good news for me and everything is understand planning. I will reveal more once I get hold of more information. A great one... finger cross tho

My dearie and me are planning to buy a lap top and most likely will be macbook. We are still thinking tho.

Oh yah.. happy belated birthday sister! haha.. too bad I didn't buy the Da Mai for her on Sunday when both my wife and me head up to Queensway to buy (as told by my relative, it is god damn good!) I hate to say, I love the DA MAI alot!!!

I shall buy again this weekend. :)

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