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Monday, June 2

My wishlist...

As to benefit my friend who had the same letter of "Whiner", I decided to take down my Top Tunes as he kept saying his browser always hung. Haha

Oh well, Latio forum is down and I am wondering when will it be up again. So bored...

I really hope to have my car to have the following accessories, most of it are just wish list and pending as to see if it fit in my budget.

1. Genuine arm rest
2. Side mirror with light
3. Fog light
4. Hankook Tires
6. 16" nice rims
7. K & N air filter
8. Strut bar for bottom front and back with anti roll
9. Reverse camera
10. Bluetooth for my phone or bluetooth mirror

That's all what I asked. Anyway I just mailed to TCM for quotation regarding for the first 3 items. Please do not slam me for getting all these, I just hope to have but number 1, 4 and 10 are priority in my list. I need to communicate using BT.

Enzio just sent me this. HAHA... Who wanted this ride for cab? Yah... If there's any tho! Haha Now guess how much will it cost if you are to board this cab.

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