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Wednesday, June 18

My ulitmate complaint!

Firefox 3 is out! Go and get it download now! Interface is still about the same, which I thought it will be more towards like Safari. LOL But it's ok tho since the CPU usage drop as they claimed. But some of the plugin I had on Firefox 2 is not usable on Firefox 3, so got to wait for it.

Yesterday I went to meet Darrel at Bedok and I finally his lense after a hard looking around for Blk18! I went the wrong place initially and made a big turn inside Bedok until I got back the same area. Luckily I found Blk 20 when I drove past and quickly went in the carpark to look for Blk 18. End up I think I got the wrong Blk 18 so I called up Darrel and request for help. I am running late to fetch my wife tho.

After clarification from Darrel, he told me that on the 2nd traffic light, I am supposed to make a left turn so from my position, I got to go back to the road (From ECP) to make a right turn. Just when I reached there on the right turn only lane, I saw the sign "Temasek Junior College"! That's the sign which I had to follow! I got to choice but to turn right and go all the way in front before I can make a U-turn!

Guess what? When I entered the Blk 18 carpark after 30min of driving around, god damn it. That's the exact area I was at previously! My car never go towards another lane where it led me to Blk 18! Same area but wrong info! OMG! Damn it! Wahaha I should have counted the junction first before I am so confident! Yah... Why didn't I take out my Street Directory?!!

ERP starting on July 7th at my workplace! What? min $2? Increase of min $1? 12pm-8pm? HELL it! There's no jam here! Please!!! My god, why are there so many ERP around in SG? Can't they just stop it and it is getting more and more haywire plus out of hand?

I saw the Ad that Go Green with SMRT? Hey, hello! You want people take bus with your green bus, please forgoodness sake look at your air con and bus condition first. No doubt you are improving and changing new buses, come on the bus frequency is still that bad! People cramped up on bus and rushing for work! Whats the point of asking more people to take buses and enjoy while these had no been done? Just look at SMRT Bus no 966! This morning, the bus driver suddenly jam brake while in the lane of heading up Steven Road, passengers who were standing all fallen down because of the great impact! While me, sitting in the middle of the seat at the last row had no secure at all also flew out. I did not hear any apologizes at all but I did not want to shout since I had my earphone on. But from that onwards, the bus driver like to brake hard! WTF is that for! Is there a need to do so?

Please! My god!

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