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Wednesday, June 11

HTC TyTn II WM6.1 new firmware

I didn't know that Window Mobile 6.1 had been released for HTC TyTn II until yesterday I asked the gurus in PPCSG Forum! Marvellous, I had it done when I reached home. I risked it despite knowing that my PDA USB sync always break down but luckily it install successfully!

Now the start up is faster in less then 5min, compared to the old WM6.0! Changing of screen also turn faster when the keyboard slide out. I had SPB Pocket Plus, Diary and Mobile Shell installed to my PDA and still determine which to keep. Trying to get used of using Mobile Shell first. Never knew that Mobile Shell is so much cooler than SPB pocket plus because the usage is more on finger then tapping with stylus. LOL. Coolios.

Just that some of the information like SPB diary, I am not able to see it in Mobile Shell because of its layout. There are just calculator and comm manager that need to be in the icon so that I can navigate faster. Pocket Plus is good but having a change will do good too.

William told me to install the throttle today plugin, end up I had 1 program not able to uninstall it. Sigh.... Thanks hor, bro.

A pity that on WM6.1 GUI shown on the video is meant for professional and I will not get to enjoy such fun on my PDA. LOL

Loving my PDA so much. Oh yah, I need to get this two.

For me to enjoy my music while traveling on bus using my Shure E210 earphone. I got to buy the extension cable since I had no idea where the fook I lost it! Darn!!!

And other will be this!

One is to plug to my handphone, the other 2 is to link to my car adaptor and usb connection to my car sound system. I can listen to my favourite Tribal House Channel from DI.FM live streaming in car. It took just about less then 100mb for what I am listening to. LOL

Oh.. I learnt something from my wife. Information is KING.

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