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Monday, June 30

Hot hot hot!!!

The weather over the weekend is god damn hot! Is it due to global warming or what?

After sending my wife to work yesterday, I went to Senja area to find the guy, Benny, who is the distributor of Duragloss aka Maddriver. I gotten the Quick Detailer and Aquawax which come together with 2 x free microfiber cloth! Yummy tho. As I am rushing of time, I can't drive up to the MSCP with him to get the stuff, so he got to drive down to pass it to me. I was wondering what was he doing there until I realised that he is washing car for others. Duragloss rock tho!

Quickly, I started washing during noon time. Started with Autogylm shampoo and claybar, rinse the car, polish the car with Autogylm, Duragloss quick detailer as they so called #521, then Duragloss Aquawax #951 and the final part is to wash the rim and make my tire watery look. All these took me 3hrs with a bit of dehydration!

I shall finish my current quick detailer meguire and start on Duragloss soon. The effect is really damn good as I can see my car sparkling clean and shiny! I never did so much before and I am god damn happy when I finish it. I would prefer to get water spray on my glass rather then Autogylm creamy type. I find it quite hard for me to clean it tho. I will not say it is 100% but my effort worth at least 90%! Thanks to Benny tips and Duragloss rocks!

Oh yeah, the Duragloss does have the pandan smell! Great stuff, but of course I will prefer Meguiars smell a lot more. LOL

Need to get more stuff from him next month!

I wanted to take a photo of it but felt so lazy, I wouldn't want to use my PDA camera of course. LOL

When I'm about to fetch my wife, the sky does not seem happy and started drizzling. I thought that my effort going down the drain... sigh.. luckily when my car went out of MSCP the rain stopped! Ha! Guess what? When I returned back home after buying the food with my wife, it rained heavily! OMG! Was that consider lucky?

My wife is happy eating durian yesterday. LOL

Just received the email from Logitech about the new steering wheel! Costing S$299!

How awesome man!

I am hooked to G R I D!!!

Managed to get number one in racing.. awesome!

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