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Tuesday, June 3


Please kindly go to Mr Brown site and listen to some jokes!!! It was so funny that I can't help laughing in office! Ok, I had to endure it while listening! LOL

Anyway the new facelifted Nissan Latio is SO NICE! The interior is way so beautiful!

I saw Toyota Harrier yesterday at BPP and asked how much it cost. 103K for basic model and they can take in 33K as trade in for my Nissan Latio. (I am just doing some homework to know the car pricing only) But I still had to pay off 8K to bank for the difference, but I had no idea the cost of Harrier inclusive of COE or not. LOL.

Once again, the interior doesn't appeal to me at all. The arm rest instead of near the gear shift/ hand brake is actually located beside the driver seat which is something I do not like. For the price of 100K car, even I paid off my car in 1 year, I can go for a Toyota Mark X. That's one of my dream car too other then Nissan Sylphy. Lovely!

Just gotten the quotation on some stuff from Nissan and it look reasonable for me as it include of spraying too. My main concern will be console box arm rest and door mirror cover with lamp.

Other then these, it will be Hankook V8RS. That should be the end of what I wanted to do for my car now. Other than that, just temptation only.

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