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Tuesday, June 17

Foolish me

I dare say I am despo and foolish over one thing. Just because of one particular stuff that I want, I went all the way to get it by subscribing to a site but end up the site cannot activate my account. I emailed them regarding to this matters and there's no return back of mail! They mentioned that if my account is not activated within 48hrs, they will automatically cancel it off. And all these costing me USD5.

After checking through, USD5 is meant for a day usage and there's few days to a month period just for you to get your stuff. Man, I was foolish indeed. But apparently, before I want to enter my CC account to the scam site, I already knew such matter will happen. It just that I want to risk it first, but who knows that it is a real scam site.

William told me that his pal also gotten such scenario before, he cannot activate it and also deleted the account at the site. But because of the site had your 16 digit numbers with the last 3 digits, they can still charge you for monthly subscription. That's what happened to William's friend. For that, the guy had to sign dispute form because he did not subscribe for the 2nd mth. I gotten this information from Bank of China yesterday as I called up and cancel my card to get a new one with new set of numbers, so that the scam site will not charge. Because I am the one who click yes and under no forcing scenario or wrongly charged, I am not entitled to get the dispute form, hence I agreed to pay off this SGD8.40. (Count myself lucky)

I proved it and believed that this is a real scam site. You may call me foolish or insane because I simply went ahead, but at least this shows to everyone who had the intention of subscripting it.

Scam Site: FullReleases. Just beware, do not say I never warned.

Last Friday, both Keith and me went to Suntec for PC show but seeing the crowds at City Link, Keith decided to back out because of the packing sardines! Instead of walking forward, I went up and cross the road to reach Suntec. It is much faster as the crowds isn't that a lot. Met up with my wife and we went to see Mac and HP laptop. The entire PC show is not as crowded as like the previous one., because there are rooms to walk around. The space was great and most of the vendors had bigger booth like before. Ain't sure is it that there are lesser vendors this time round but who cares.

After checking out the laptops, both my wife and me kept thinking which one should we get. By end of the day, we went home and decide, by surfing the net and asking friends. William told me Mac is much worth of the price tho because of the freebies given.

The next day, we went back to Suntec again and luckily there's no much of traffic jam around 1pm. Going down the basement, from dunno which tower, I drove all the way to convention area. The carpark is dark, and there are many red, green and blue light, as to indicate which lot is empty, parked and meant for disable. I felt like in space when I am driving... Seem so Element 5. LOL. I should have taken the photo tho.

We went up to HP again, check out then finally really decided on Mac. :) We gotten the 2.4ghz for Macbook and topping up $199 we got extra 2gb ram, 2 x case, keyboard protector, laptop protection and keyboard cover. Topping up another $330, we gotten 3 years apple care which is on site. Eventually wanted to get the office but we never due to total cost damage is way too high.

For that, it cost us 2.6k and of course we decided on installment but we had to pay extra 3%. If we pay in full, no interest charged. Anyway, for the $100 interest we take it as paying the freebies or ram. Just be contented tho.

I had hard time understanding Mac because the interface is way simple and easy. From complicated Windows to such a sophisticated mac, it took me a while to get use. Luckily I learnt some of the Mac usage from Darrel. :)

I am loving the Mac so much now. Glad that my wife really love it so much now. I mainly use it for work if there's a need to. If not I am mainly a PC user with my games and other stuff (evil). LOL. Had not been playing games for a long time... I am having itchy fingers now.

Oh yeah, I went to check out my car audio system on Sunday. Just want to confirm that it is my speaker that project too strong until the metal part on my door frame started trembling which create noise. Was recommended sound proof but the weight is quite heavy if I were to put on 2 doors at the passenger seat. For that, I might as well do a woofer to project better sound then having soundproof. It will definitely sound better, but the sound proof will reduce more of outside noise tho. Ain't going to do that since per piece of sound proof cost $65 and it will require 4 of them. Cost damage is high so I decided to get that mind set off.

Oh yeah, I clinch a deal for actual day wedding photography. Congrats to myself. A bit sad that the day before the wedding job is my Birthday. LOL.. Great day to start with tho! I am mainly doing for fun and I do not treat wedding photography as my full time job in future. More to mention when the day shine brightly, remain in silent first. :)

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