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Friday, June 6

Car talk and my piss mood

Does revised of road tax make a diff? I only hope that reduce of ERP will be better. Just having ERP at CBD area is more then enough, not spreading until residential area which indeed defeat the purpose! You may block here but the other side will be hog up with jams, then implement of ERP also, end up people still go by another way until the next beautiful electronic machine is up again. End of the day, all drivers still have to pass these 3 ERP at different way. So the moral of the story is, useless. Or rather, it just reduce the traffic in the morning at peak hours. Sigh.

I had a bad dream of bus lane (red line) becoming 2 lanes instead of 1! Horrifying!

Talking about my car, it just lack of the arm rest console. Recently one of the forumer from Latio Club gave out the link of buying the console arm rest at US but the total cost will be USD200 and after the shipping calculation, it will be SGD300+. Comparing to TCM, it is still worth to get it but the answer lies on: trustable? Click here if you are owning basic Latio and attempt to have your console with arm rest install.

Tonight I had some photoshoot on deity with the grand opening of temple. I will showcase the photos asap, that also developing of my wedding photos too. Tomorrow, I shall just head down to Toh Guan and had my new wheels install with Hankook V8RS instead of keeping this Toyo J50. I need a better grip and often I do not feel confidence when there's rain. Still thinking shall I keep it and get the car done up from CS-II, needed touch up, paint protection and leather clean up.

I just realised that the shoot will end at 2am and next morning had to wake up to go Toh Guan! Had to go early since I had the damn RT at 4pm. And also, on Sunday I had to go to Ubi side and get my speaker check. I kept hearing some trembling sound from my back left speaker! I had no idea is it due to poor installation or the speaker giving me problem, I shall go on Sunday and confirm it. Had I never on it loud, I will never know the problem, always thought it's one of the metal been hitting each other, end up it came from speaker. Sad.

I'm just feeling way so lousy recently because I easily piss with people who do not understand the usage of certain things and used to the stuff they are using. Ok, I am not here to point the person out, just wondering why does people complain when it is like that? If the person had more than a reason of no way to this and that, I am speechless, but I had my own answer to explain nicely. It really up to whoever to listen tho, I had no rights to scold or etc... I just explain if I can. In a way, if the person do not like the item he/ she holding, I be glad to change. I can more space tho... >.<

Ok, enough of my complaint, I meant no harm anyway.

Got to rush for more stuff because I am 85% done up of what I am suppose to do. Time to relax real soon once again!

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