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Friday, June 13


Did not know much until I saw on MyCarForum regarding to a girl who called herself "Xiao Yun" and all that she said she wanted donation for her hometown at Sichuan. She did some of the photo shoot which is expressing herself. Whether if it is the truth, we will not know.

Search for "Xiaoyun Sichuan" on google and you will see more information. There's even photos too, she does look sweet anyway, but hmm.. its weird.

Got to thanks Darrel for lending me the lens as I be using it on Monday for a photoshoot. More details to announce then.

Good luck to my Sister interview also.

I am heading to PC Show later on and will be getting 50% discount off from Singnet at the speed of 8mbps. Not really interested on getting the PC or laptop since I had one powerful PC. Feel like playing Grand Theft Auto IV which had been launched recently, but sad to say it is for Playstation 3 and XboX360. Non PC gaming tho, I feel like playing PC games tho.

Macbook is coming to me real soon! yeah!

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