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Tuesday, June 24


Please take your time and view this!

You never need to use your own outlook in office when you click on mail to on certain site which is personal stuff! I used to do that as I wanted to copy and paste the entire email address on my Gmail. For this, you can use your email web base as primarily usage! Thanks to cnettv!

Simply just copy this to your address and add the application.


Please look at their video in their blog as there might be stuff that you want to know about the new firefox 3. Kowtow and kudos to FF3! Rock!

From cnettv, they also gotten their source from lifehacker! Please do take your time to look at their site and there are so much things that I almost jaws drop!

Oh yeah, I finally configured my controller to the game GRID! Awesome game and it is so god damn hard to play! But it is so reality that I almost wanted to smash it! LOL Love the game as every crash I made, it causes huge damage to the car. I am still trying hard to learn it. :)

Kungfu Panda is out on PC and Wii. Which one shall I choose thou? LOL

Game game game! I am falling in love.

Now, I am wondering shall I give up my music production tho as I had no time to do it. Not only that, it made my own room quite messy tho. Maybe I should hang on a while and do a bit when I am free. I will be back on music making on both Chill and Housey. Luv it and bite 'em.

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