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Friday, May 23


What an asshole!!!!

Ok, Randy gave me another link of game, please enjoy!

Finally I sold off my din holder to a gentleman last night when I went to Marine Parade to pick up my wife.

Now I had to force my wife faster send in the resume of hers... Ok, anyway she had some problem with Microsoft 2008 tho... She just find hard to navigate the box! Hmm... At the same time, she had injured her gum so she be visiting the dentist later on after the weekly meeting at Kovan. Cheer up, dearie!

Oh yah, Shell had increase 5 cents of petrol/litre yesterday as told by the MyCarForum people. Everyone is god damn unhappy with such things to happen non stop as it had been increasing like no tomorrow! One of the petrol station who had been the first to increase the amount will be the first to be boycott by the majority drivers from MCF. We all know that the rest of the 3 petrol station will increase as well but this is a 'warning' to them that if you are going to increase happily, no one will visit the kiosk and everyone will rather head up to JayBee for cheaper petrol price with great quality! -period!

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