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Monday, May 5

What a day.... hot day.. fun day... tiring day... etc

We had great fun at my grandma house last Thursday which is Public Holiday for everyone!

Here's the photo to share. For more photos, you may click on it and view at flickr.

My funny niece..

The daughters helping their mom to tie her hair and start feeding

My aunt been naughty by placing 2 of her victory sign beside her mom. LOL

Family portrait.

My wife who snap this picture. I like the mood... although the focus is my mom but I still like it.

My grandma is enjoying the food tho

Captured by my wife

My wife who wanted to take a pic with my grandma

That led us to take more photos together

Grandma with grandchildren and great grand children

Grandma with my sis and bro in law

Our family portrait

Maybe due to some good luck, my grandma give out money for her great grandchildren

B & W series that I did

Not to mention that on Saturday, both my wife and me went to IMM for some silly shopping trip since there's nothing to do after I got my leg massage... Was told that there's a better one nearby our area. Kept telling me not to go to Bukit Merah side... I shall visit maybe this Wednesday or so... Gotta get my knee massage. I wouldn't want to let my suffer when I am old. I got to watch my diet too.. I been putting on weight recently.

Anyway, at IMM, we saw Jeff Chang! He came by for autographing session. My wife seem to like him since young, ok same as me. His love song is extremely great! He sung one of the old song that made me think of the past! haha... The new song of his is nice too.. I shall listen to the CD soon. Haha

I took some shot of him but due to bad PDA camera, everything is haywire. But instead, I took some video down. I did not know how it goes so I just upload to youtube earlier on. I recorded down when he sung half way and that's when I am about to leave but end up stay longer to record it! hahaha

Side view of his

Waving to audience and fans

Focusing is rather slow... I kept missing the shot when he turn and look at this direction

Enjoy one of his new song

back to another topic

HOT weather is what I can say!!!! I slept on floor last night and resulted myself having backache this morning! I had my pain on toe once again! OMG! It's painful...

Something I do not understand why my company want to buy new computer (Dell) and it must come with new soundcard?!!! When the computer is dying or what, it had no link to the soundcard! It's just purely IBM problem. For production wise, who the hell use their computer? If you are talking for other usage, they are good. Not production, period! I suspect the bloody IT company is eating us because they always implying having new computer with new card! C'mom! I been using M-Audio for so long, nothing goes wrong. Why must you say new comp must have new soundcard? Company business.... ain't my problem... I only concern for everyone bonus!

While everyone is getting Dell (come with package: CPU and LCD), I had one new CPU by HP. Yes, I do not have LCD at all... Yah.. jealous is what I can say... I AM JEALOUS!!!! :( I only want bigger workspace... the screen is far too near to me.... sigh... that's sad. When everyone started to use LCD, will the management notice that I am still using CRT??? Sigh.... Left 2 PC to change for the producer, and there's 3 CRT. I guessed that when 2 more producer had their PC changed, I am the only one who is still using CRT. Let's not even pull in the part timer and intern. Sigh...

Oh yeah.. My car FC is now 14.6km/l!!! Hurray!!! I hit 501km yesterday!! Cool! Hahaha

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