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Sunday, May 11

We had a great filling!!!!

It was a wonderful Saturday since it rain the whole night which make the entire area cool down a lot! Early morning, both my wife and me sent my mom to grandmother house and along the way, we decided to grab our morning breakfast at Tiong Bahru. Yes, the usual curry rice which never made me sick and tired of. I had been eating that Hainan curry rice for many donkey years! Heh.. Hence we went ahead before sending my mom to grand ma house.

Later on, both my wife and me went to view my new work place at Serangoon North Ave 5. I can tell you straight at the face that the building is nice, the surrounding is ok, but not the bloody distance! Please do not ask me to go to Sheng Siong to eat everyday! Good bye to TOWN and welcome to neighbourhood factory area! The only nearest for the mall is Hougang Point! OMFG.... Alien place to me!!! I dare not to view any longer since I got to rush to Ubi to buy my engine oil.

The company MX Trading is actually open by one of the member of My Car Forum. A very nice guy who is willing to pay us our parking fee for the purchase over $20. Anyway, I parked at open air so, no charges at all. That bring me to the idea of why I didn't get the $1 from him. LOL. Anyway, he recommended me to get 0W-20 since I am more to city driving. For 0W-30 is mainly for people who love to travel up to Malaysia and of course, I gotten 4 x bottle of Amsoil 0W-20. I hoped that it works well for me since I read that a lot of people gotten Amsoil brand. There's another brand called Redline which I remembered reading that one of the forumer do not recommend that, end up I skipped the idea even though the guy told me Redline is the better choice. Of course, Mobil 1 is one of the great engine oil, but to compare for sale, Amsoil and Redline are one of the best seller.

I shall send my car for servicing maybe on Wednesday or Saturday. I am still considering tho. Since there's warranty, I might as well use it first before it end on Oct. I shall not wait for my armrest from our dealer since they kept wanted that particular workshop due to reasonable pricing for them. But I seriously hate the feeling of waiting on and on! I am the customer and I do not see why do I have to wait for another month and been told that either the stock is not good or wrong color or no stock? I had enough and both of us rather have the cash back so that we can pour the money for our major servicing. Oh ya, that include of engine refresh... I wanted a thorough check. I shall change my tire to a better one first before I decided to change to 16 -17" rim with new tire again. At least I save a bit now for safety.

And also, I did a shoot for my wife so that she can use for her resume. This is the first time I set up and shoot my wife! I mean photographing! It had been a long time since then. I am relatively happy about the outcome but more to learn tho. We had great fun with tether shoot and playing around with studio light! LOL. After getting the shoot done, I quickly take a few shot of my car holder for 2 Din compartment. Here it goes:

Bracket 1.jpg
Size: 7.1" by 2"

Bracket 2.jpg
Plan side view

Bracket 3.jpg
Side view

Bracket 4.jpg
Mentioned it is meant for Toyota car but usable for Nissan Latio.

Selling this at $15. Any takers? Got to post on sgsoundsystem forum since there's inquiry.

Yesterday night, my parents along with my wife and aunt head to temple for the dinner. My mom had the table reserved and by right that include my aunt's hubby, sis and bro in law. But sad to say aunt's hubby do not want to join in as he do not like it. Sis and bro in law had another function going on and timing is really tight for them to come to Punggol. So in the end, instead of having 8 people for our table, we had 5 of us. Ok, we did had our fill and that's horrifying after seeing food coming in non stop! haha.. Some of the auntie also took out their plastic bag and started to pack the food! LOL

My cute wife is so adorable because this is the first time she came to such event. Eating food while hearing the bidding going on. All of us thought how come there's so few items on the stage, after a while the rest of the bidding were actually God's Item. It meant on the 7th of Jun, where all devotees will be praying to the gods they 'enter' the new temple. In another word, house warming. And the items that devotee bid, will be presenting to the god on that very day. So call, good luck and sincerity. Devotees will have to present the items with both hands. The items including of Dua Ah Pek fan, bacus, handcuff for spirit, "Ling" tablet, Kwan Di Ye dragon seat, temple signboard, door knob etc... most of it are 24K gold! Yes, we bid for Dua Ah Pek's fan since we are the devotee for him. There are few surname like Cai, Fan, Chen, Lin.. (I can't remember) My dad went up to the stage, get the fan and he will be presenting the fan to the god on the very day at 12 midnight. I will be coming along with him, hoping my wife can take leave so that she can view this spectacular event. That goes to the rest of us too! A day that everyone HAD and MUST to be there since all the gods will be there. I had no idea how it goes, but will be reporting on that day after my RT session. :p
(Sian... Saturday is the first RT of mine...)

Had to meet Kelvin for some discussion later on and washing my car using his hose! Hahaha... :p I shall turn in now since I slept for 4hrs only! Peace out!

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