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Saturday, May 17

Nice breakfast and long day ahead!

The word to describe for today RT will be: Soul-less, spiritless, shadow-less, demoralise, hopeless etc...

I can see most of the RT-ians who came for their first RT session today were feeling so god-damn-shit boring mood! LOL Let's not say about them because it does inclusive of me. I saw my pal but I didn't want to talk to him, not because of previous MSN incident but more of moody. Who will be in right peace of mind to joke when the sun is so hot and the mood is so ZZzzzZzzz!

We were told to have some lecture session and will be out-pro as soon as possible. Bullshit. 2 x lecture, warmup and 1 orientation run of 1km is not a short time! We ended out-pro later then Phase 2 people! What an ass... Anyway, Wednesday coming and more tiring training to come. I jogged for 500m or more before I totally gave up! I decided to walk in the end. Blame to my poor stamina! Even my push up sucks! Damn it! I am feeling so damn weak! I better train up man!

Before I forgot, I promised to show my wonderful coupon display yesterday on my car dashboard, right? Here goes:

Have you placed so many before? To me, YES! My first time tho!

This morning, my wife along with me brought my mom to Queensway area to have wonderful Mac breakfast together. Mom is happy with such wonderful breakfast! And also, this is our first time to visit there! I forgotten to take a pic of it. But it's just near Queensway where by you be able to see like hut. You wouldn't miss it because it is along the road. Oh, when I turned in to the carpark, one of the nissan cefiro driven by a pretty middle age lady kinda having hard time to go out, so been nice enough, I reversed for her so that she have more space to turn. She returned in smile and a thank you wave. Haha.. Pretty tho. Ok, wife gonna pull my ear. She always envy those lady dare to drive such a big car without any worries! My wife had to buck up!

Since timing is still early for my mom to go to work, we decided to head up to Ubi AML car mart to collect our cheque. Luckily we were able to collect both the cheque and the spare key. I told them that if there's stock coming in for Latio beige, please kindly call us up. I can also use this $200 for my tires tho. Better than nothing.

My mom seem to hit off well with the guy who work there, this is due to same interests of praying to Dua Ah Pek. LOL

We also seen the nice Mit EX car owed by the guy, cool shit. My mom even bought the car plate number for the ibet!

Due to the timing is still early again, we decided to head up to Ban Teck Han building once again. Wanted to check out the area again, plus showing my mom where I be locating at. We went in, checked out the building at 5th storey, but there's no room to see if there's any renovation going on! We approach the people at the counter and was told that the unit we were at was no. 21. I checked my email using my PDA and saw that it was no.23 instead! The friendly guys at the counter told my wife and me that it is just next to the current building we were at. We also asked about bus frequency, (Bus no.159 for 10min interval), food location (few coffee shop hiding among the flats etc...

We were glad to collect these information by them and suddenly one of the guy recalled that there's a letter to our coy! Huh? Haha.. Because he find it weird that there's no Inflight Productions in that building and asked if I can pass the letter back since I am really from IFP so I agree without any hesitation since the letter is from JTC. Had no idea why they sent it to the new address but wrong unit number.

I walked toward the new building with my mom and wife. Area is clean, carpark is limited, lift lobby does look like One Raffles Quay tho. (I meant the overall feel.)We head up to level 5, was surprised to see that the whole area is still empty! There's nothing to view except pillars and untouched space. I did not walk on to see more space so all of us went back to my car after I had snapped the photos. Got to send my mom to work as she start at 1pm. LOL

As you can see, this is our building. Carpark is right in front, the guard house is on the bottom right of the photo.

Our lift lobby.

Time to rest!

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