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Thursday, May 29

Life is brittle, we should hold on tight and precious it.

It's hard to say when one will have to go. We can never understand the reason behind life and death. 2 days ago, my grandma suddenly wanted to sleep and her voice started sounding so deep like as if it is a male who is talking. She started not to recognise some of us that night. I was surfing net when my 3rd aunt called and told me all this when she can't find my mom. Apparently, the stuff that she heard was from my 2nd aunt who is at my grandma house. My uncle was not around as he was still working.

When all the confusion calls between my mom, dad, sis and my wife, the plan was quite straight forward. My mom went to grandma house after her work and I shall wait for my dad so that I can fetch my sis from home and my wife along the way. When we got there, most of the people had already arrived and I can see tears in their eyes. It wasn't like as before where laughter and talking loud were heard, it was pure silent and sniffing.

When we went to our grandma room, she was lying on the bed and not able to know who we are. As usual, I did not sniff and been brave to start doing thing if there's any stuff to do. They also asked for my 3rd aunt as she is still at home, so along with my cousin and my wife, we rushed to Serangoon to fetch her and back to Tiong Bahru. I was driving pretty fast as I want to make sure that my aunt still can see her mom if that's the final moment. It seem like I am driving like in the game of Grand Theft Auto and collecting points and beat the timing. Of course, I am fast but safe.

More people arrived after I went up for the 2nd time. I do not know who are they but I see no return in smile after I greeted them and smile. I do not care much as I do not know who is it until my dad told us that the guy was my grandma's brother.

We stayed for a while before we head home because my dad had to wake up at 4am to work. The sons and daughters stayed to accompany my grandma. Suddenly at 3am, she felt better and able to talk a lot and felt so afresh yesterday! Most of them were afraid that it was the opposite of dying whereby one's get even better first before they go. I did not think so much but to pray. I know that when time up, you had to go no matter what. This is life and everyone had to accept it. Which was why I chose to be a happy person and work even harder with my partner now for the better future.

There's quite a big project coming in and I see most of the thing are in order which is a good sign. I am anticipating for it to happen real soon. Wish me luck.

RT is quite tiring yesterday as we had to sprint rounds after rounds. Mass PT is my favourite tho but it was not as tiring as I felt from last year RT. It is relatively relax for this time round and I grin. We outpro before 8.30pm and return home with big smile on our face and best part, there's no RT training this Saturday! Great. Should there be no problem, both my wife and me can attend her friend's wedding at Centrepoint in the evening time.

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