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Tuesday, May 20

Irresponsible person who threw things on my car roof!

Imagine I had to wait for a driver to park the car at ECP for 10min. The driver does not have P plate on and I am wondering how much experience does this driver had. I bet that the driver had scratched it's back side against other car because when I got off after I parked the car the other side, the whole family got off and see see look look at theirs and others car. If I am them, I will drive off and park other place instead, unless they want to bear the responsible.

I really felt so fed up that I almost wanted to get out of the car and help the driver to park! Anyway, it's quite heavy traffic when I drove my wife and Avy to JJ's chalet from Marine Parade. It took us about 20min to reach! Yah, just imagine the damn traffic tho. Some irritating drivers just do not have patient and rather cut into people lane. Been a highly 'bo-chup' person, I just do not let others to cut into my lane. Yes, I am bad but I do not see the reason why unless the traffic is really bad.

We head up to JJ chalet and stay for about an hour plus before we set off. Really got to thanks his friends for giving us the food non stop. Been so good that we get to get without doing any BBQ! LOL. Of course, time is getting late, so both my wife and me offer Avy a lift back, if not I will have throw her other place and walk home by herself. LOL *evil*

Oh, thanks JJ once again.

The next morning we woke up and head out to buy some delicious breakfast! Thought that we might be heading to Autobacs to buy door guard and wax, hence I parked below my house. But this is not the wise choice! As told by my darling, both of us were quite 'sway', first we got into 8.59am ERP and secondly I got something on my car roof after saying why my sis do not park downstair. It's fine since we decided to wash the car but the hatred park is someone threw an raw egg and hit on my car roof!!!! On grass, we found some raw meat! I had picture to show too!

Raw Meat found on the grass!

Egg shell that fall on my wiper... even my windscreen also get it!

Look at the 'wonderful artistic' made! If that fooker is driving too, I hoped your car get DOG SHIT!

Close up of the egg yolk that dried up! The smell is horrible!!!!

Raw meat on the concrete floor... Yucks!

You can see how uncivilised the culprit can be! Threw the egg and meat on the grass... Horrible!

With that, I don't even want to head out to Autobac!

Thanks to claybar which made things easier for me to wash that off. Now my Windscreen is sparkling clean. I had to wash it for two time and put on the quick detailer just to get the smell off. Luckily the quick detailer and glass polish smell good!

After cleaning up, the car is now as new. Both my wife and me tried sat in our car boot and test the space! I first locked up my wife and she is afraid been in there! For me, I know where is the catch so I sat in the boot and of course I opened the boot myself!

Here's how big my car boot is! I can't go in anymore as there's things behind me so you can imagine Nissan Latio boot is marvellous two thumbs up!

After washing the car, all of us thought that we can rest and play our favourite Wii game: Super Mario Galaxy! (Been a long time since I get more games!) Suddenly while I am using my computer, my mom came in and ask if we want to head to KK Hospital and pay a visit to my cousin son. I thought what happen so all of us quickly dress up and head up. Since my mom explanation wasn't clear as been told by another aunt, I shall say what happened instead. Been told by my aunt (the grandmother), the son had a mole grown onto the vein or kinda pressed on it and that led to the small poor son cannot walk at all! After visiting so many specialist, they are unable to find out the reason why since the X ray did not tells much.

So the boy go through another thorough X ray and after the result had shown, the small boy went for operation and had the mole remove. My family had no idea about it all these and we just realised that the small boy had been in hospital for 3 weeks! Luckily that he had quite a number of cousins to play with him, massage his leg so that he can gain back the sense/ feeling. He had to put on oxygen mask so that he can have the clean air. I wish him speedy recovery and thanks god that nothing happen to him.

Yah, we were been pressured for kids also. We planning too, so finger cross hor! (Mann... both my cousin holding Coach handbag!) My bro in law bought Blue Label Burberry for my sis.... Look like I should get something for my wife! I had not buy her anything for a long time... Guilty! Haha

Night falls and we finally can rest!

This morning I took the bus (weird feeling as I had not sat on bus for quite long time!) Yesterday I changed the petrol to Shell and shall monitor for the FC. I had dropped in FC from 15km/l to 13.6km/l! It could be the change of E.O. and heavily foot on acceleration!

I saw new ERP up.... Yah.. Luv our gharment.... they set up that damn real fast!

ERP beside Central shopping centre towards Funan.


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