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Wednesday, May 7

Game that made my eyes almost drop.... and Office Moving Private Announcement???

Man... Randy gave me what a wonderful online game this noon and I managed to finish it by the end of the day. This is what I gotten after completing the entire game...

Go to Spot The Differences and play the explorer. There's few levels and each game consist of different type of spot the differences. You got to play it and know how it works... My eye almost drop... making me real sleepy after straining my eyes....

- All Levels Completed -

You are a
Spot The Difference

You have:
25 Gold speeds
23 Silver speeds
30 Bronze speeds

How many Gold Speeds can you get?

Give it a try!!!

Ok, our audio manager had announced the new workplace: Serangoon North Ave 5! Which is located at BTH building! Ok, it isn't Buay Ta Han but Ban Teck Han. Surprisingly, the season carpark is $65! Worth it!!! But company might be doing shuttle bus services (hate those services and you had to be punctual at that time.)

Our top boss had not announce yet so we got to wait for the official announcement. *crap*

Tentatively the moving date is 1st week of July and if everything can be finish by 28th Jun, it will be great. Faster, better! The seating arrangement will be a bit funny. In my current seating arrangement, behind me will be the rest of the other people working. There will be some partition in front of me. And behind Keith, there's pantry tho. So it is quite 'not nice' to let others to see what the hell am I doing! Be it blogging, surfing, msn or what .... sigh...

I will be heading to the new place and take a look of the surrounding and share with the rest next week.

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