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Tuesday, May 27

Bus incident

What??? No map??? How the hell can I find maps online? All the SLA Map, Red Nano etc are no use to me! and Street Directory are one of the best I been using... When is Can taken down? Due to some lawsuit, they had no rights to use SLA map. Ok, does that involve with $ again?

Yes, street directory books can be found anywhere but who the hell always carry that around when there's a need to. Best to get Mapking and maps from MalSingMaps. That's the only way out for most people out there. I had already know abt such situation but never did I know that... till now... SICKENING!

Yesterday night I met Kelvin and some guys over some secret meeting of ours. I shall not disclose it on my blog till further notice. Everything will goes well and it's gonna be big time.

While taking bus 190 to Heeren, I was so demoralise that because the bus is quite empty and so many seats can be found! I was so reluctant to go home straight then meeting them up! I sat near the front door as the bus is bendy type. When the bus reached killeney road, beside the Post Office and just one stop away from Somerset, the bus driver shouted at the passengers! I had no idea who is he shouting to but to my understanding I know he is referring to everyone. I was not sure of the situation until I saw the bus driver mouth was opening big and kept mumbling something. I can't hear anything as I had my earphone on.

As I took my earphone out, immediately I heard the bus driver shouted in Mandarin that he asked the passengers to move in! (Ok, some basket just DUN move and they go it big time!) He also said, don't look at him and others because there's no need to! If you do not move in, the people about to board the bus cannot move in thus made them can't go home! Pls MOVE IN!

I applauded to his shouting to some others who had roots to the ground! Sad that I didn't capture the video or sound recording, if not it will be great! Well done!

As I am tired, I am glad that the end of meeting really feed me damn well! Worth it to go and this is for my future too.

This morning while I am taking the bus to work, this time a short bus. I am standing near the door whereby there's plastic cover for us to lay on it. This is to prevent people itchy hand to get injured while the door is closing and opening. While I am at the corner, one nice guy just stood beside me and lie against the pole. I kept coughing and do some gesture to tell him that I had no bloody space, please MOVE! Hell to him, he do not care. I even push his bag aside as it had been poking me non stop. Best part, as I am clamp at the side, someone is in front of me too! I am literally STUCK to the corner! The feeling is bad and I had to stand in a weird position that result me having backache now.. I feel like posting this guy PHOTO! I just cover his face and show the rest what I am saying about.

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