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Thursday, May 22

Beware of your blogging

First, I will want you to read this forum then this forum before you start to read his blog... disgusting fellow!!!

He is one horrible fellow in this Universe!!!! Read on to see how disgusting he is... I'm not against him but his way of talking is too much for others to digest. Yes, it is his own blog and he can write anything he want but it does show how rude and uncivilise this person can be. Read on the forum and you be able to understand him more. Puke.

Anyway Kelvin gave me this link for Above & Beyond mix! HUH! It's like years since I listen to their mix! Ok, I do not really like Trance (certain only, please) but this mix is really good! More of Electro is my liking. Trance... Minimal... I'm ok to any genre but not a hardcore fan like last time. I like something slow and pumpy but not fast which easily give me headache.


Well, there's one big size guy who sat beside me and I am ok at first despite the size and race, most importantly is to reach your destination. However, this guy began to fall asleep and still feeling ok for me, he began to move his body and sat at his own comfort zone by spreading this leg! Omg... not again! I used the usual method to move his big thigh with mine, but no use! I tried a few time but argh... I decided to give up and sat to my uncomfortable position. The reason is simple, I can't afford to have my knee pressed against the seat in front of me because of my poor knee. I can only put my knee to the end side of the chair in front of me so that I will not spread too big, but the pressure on my knee cap is literally bad.. sigh...

I end up just let it... What to do... I chose to take bus, not car. Got to endure since the cost of driving to town is way too expensive. Luckily the guy move to other empty seats when other passengers started to alight.. That's when I can feel comfortable!

I am not feeling damn tired from yesterday training. Not that I didn't train hard! I did ran, ok! We were told to run one round within 2min for 5 rounds interval with resting. In total I ran 2 rounds without stopping and the rest of 3 rounds, I jog half way and walked.... It's about to rain by then and all of us thought we can have the mass PT at the parade square! It's so windy at that time but due to small rain, we were told to do it at MPH... LOL, Yusman crank some jokes:"Scare rain meh?!" After this sentences, it rain heavily! Poor Phase 2 people who were running for 3km at that time, but shiok feeling!

We ended quite early inclusive of 20min briefing (boring shite). At least it's short briefing tho, the group I'm in seem to be damn on. I am the only one who kept saying.. "PTI! Cat 1! Lighting... Thunder...!" PTI who is damn on made me demoralise... because lacking of break... someone even vomited after the run! LOL

Great training... nice day... nice partner... but bad place... LOL

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