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Friday, April 25

What a day.....

I simply do not understand that why people can so harsh on their sentences when I am been nice to share my feeling with him. To think that I recommend people to him for more wedding job and this is how I get it?

Yes, I did said a lot in the past but none of it came true! But look at this point, do you think I wanted this way? This is not about been sensitive but a total disappointment of how friends look at me. Am I suppose to be looked down by all of you?

I merely been nice to announce that I might have wedding job coming in. And all the reply was... till I got it then say. How can you say such thing to me? It is up to the couple if they want my service or not, and everything is not within my control. They call the shot, not me. I didn't bastard people before, thus why such remarks from you?

Next time if I am going to hear the word might have, I will be nice to return in kindness of what you told me today which is 10 min ago. I will remember each and every single things you said. This is heart breaking and total disappointment. If I did not treat you as my good pal, what for I telling you all these. I will return books and light meter real soon lest I been said for using so long and never return. I do not wish/ want to come to the extent that I am been said for nuts. I make sure I can do far better in future, I will not let other people look down on me.

Finally I had buyer interested in both my Kenwood and Pioneer head unit. Having old model on hand, the cost of getting back is literally low. I shall get Scott head unit tomorrow and have it install in my car. I be meeting the guy for selling the HU. Thanks god.

A pity that my motherboard might go down to $150 - $170 instead of $200. Someone can PM me that my motherboard can get in bundle at the price of $280. Please for goodness sake, get it from the shop then? Why hoping for cheap motherboard? If you can afford $170, I let go to you. Why PM to state last price at $150? I rather sell sincere buyer who is nicer in tone then having some arrogant behavior to me. I do not owe you, ok?

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