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Thursday, April 10

What a day.... yesterday... computer really die on me.. yes... Asus totally screwed me up... It just don't start up! Even if it does, it will just shut off few min later. Totally irritating! Look like I shall get the Intel Motherboard instead.

Plus, when I took the bus yesterday after work, the bus is another screw up! The bus door just do not close properly! It kept opening after it attempt to close! This is like... WTH?! We can stuck at SMU for over 10min. I can sense the bus is not in the right mood and best part, the bus totally stuck at PS side (opposite it toward Orchard Road). For over 10min plus again, I can see buses after buses lining up behind us. When the bus finally give in, the driver drove toward to Irish Pub. The only door working is at the first cabin for exiting. The entrance at the first cabin and exit door for 2nd cabin is totally screw up. End up, everyone had to get off due to faulty door! When I got down, I knew that I had to take the complimentary ticket but I had no idea why I never take... but I did retrieve my free ride.

Luckily not before long, another 190 came. As I glance back... OMG... Buses after buses lining up.... massive jam... due to... Door faulty... totally winner.... What a day to end... no surprise... my comp also die. Idiotic

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