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Monday, April 28

What a day.... & Thanks to Scott

I do not personally feel that the word "ignorant" is a rude word. I am kind enough for not saying him been way so foolish. Umpteen times I said that the reno of my house require hacking of wall and he just said:"Don't hack lah!"

I would like to explain that I am not been sensitive, I am just fed up explaining again and again. I had more than a reason why I need to hack it off, plus when someone had not even seen my house before, why is he been so confident and telling me to do this and that? I know he is a boss and both of us belong to different class of life. I would like to say that I am not his blardy workers, so do not put on your boss position to tell me this and that. I personally can felt that way at times during our conversation. He may think and say stuff as if it is way so easy, but try standing in our shoes first. I am not here to slam or bad mouth against him, just that when you are born with a silver spoon, the life is just way different.

I had enough of people who did give attention at all. I just chose not to bother, why am I wasting my time tho. I just want to be me and stay happy.

Way too tired today and I kinda snore in bus. WTF.

Anyway, Scott guided me more stuff today. The first thing to do is to get full servicing from Comfort Delgro Engineering. I was recommended there because of the service and if I am not wrong that Scott is having his servicing there. This time, I got to do a full servicing and it will cost me $358 with CDGE Power Fully Synthetic Oil (SAE 5W-40). Take a look under Enhanced Servicing Package. I also had to check out for my brake pad too. Hoping everything is intact. For the amount of $358 getting all check, it worth after all. But I had to call and ask for more information first.

After the servicing is done up, the next thing to look out for is the rim and tire. Most likely I be changing to 16" with lighter weight of rim which look more classy like Scott. He also told me to get the type that is curve inward which when the got hit my kerb, the tire will most likely get it first. It is easier to repair than those chrome and not bend inward.

When I had trade in both the rim and tire, the next thing to look out is for volt and spark stabilizer. It will improve the car performance and fuel consumption. The last thing to come is the reverse camera with rear mirror.

After all these, then only I can think of 3A brand car mat and some accessories to beautify the car.

As for now, I had to get 4 x spark plug and K&N cotton filter before heading down for servicing. I will get the technician to change these for me. Wondering how much it will cost tho.

I might be washing my car this Saturday and Scott told me to get my ass to Pasir Ris for the so-call lesson on cleaning the car. LOL. After one time, I will be on my own! Let's see how it goes this Saturday. I be sweating like hell. Oh yah... the red part on my arm is actually SUNBURN! I cannot imagine that just a few minute under the hot sun result such burn on me.. Hilarious....

So anticipate about the overall changes for my car... Began to love it so much. Oh yah... Now then I realised I can pump Red 95 from Esso instead of Green 98! Red burning is slower but WHO CARES!!!! Most important is save and fuel consumption!! LOL

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