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Tuesday, April 15

This is the first time ever I got such a high fever! 40 Degree! OMG.... To think I still went to work this morning despite how sick am I. End up I requested heading home after a while. By 11.39am, I reached the clinic but there are too many peoples thus the clinic was close and will be open at 2pm. So I head back home slowly and the headache of mine can actually knock me out by fainting! I struggled so hard to reach home and quickly take a nap. Sleeping was not easy as I am feeling way too terrible. This is what Kelvin gotten it too.

I drove to clinic around 1 plus. I know I am not suppose to drive at this condition, but the pain of mine.... I rather drive than walk! I had to wait 15min before the clinic was open. The clinic assistant seen my face and was kinda shocked because this is the first time I felt so terrible after so many visit to there. I gotten the number 4 and was lucky due to someone canceled the appointment. By 2.40pm, I finished the doc consultation. Was told to rest well and I just gotten hit by the big virus. My boss, Sheemun said that there's virus floating in office so please be warn. Man... this is no joke.. I didn't ask for 2 days MC and this is the first time the doc gave me. Surprisingly for me tho.

As for now, feeling much better after perspiring, and not having heavy headache. Feel good to recover in no time. But still need to rest well tho. If my fever does not recover by Thursday, I had to visit my doc as by then he will suspect I gotten dengue. (I do not think I got that tho)

Yes, ytd we took our car but there's one more inspection not been done up so tomorrow if I am feeling good, I had to go Kaki Bukit Car Mart and finish the car evaluation for chassis inspection. Still got to visit my grandma and my aunt husband as he had injury in brain. This is due to hit by the biker while jogging. Sigh.. hope everyone is fine tho.

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