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Sunday, April 27

My car and the selling day

Finally gotten the wonderful 2-DIN Pioneer FH-P5000MP w/ 1 mth old USB adaptor. It looks great in my car now and definitely sound great! I shall a photo of the head unit later on.


CD-UB100 (P-Bus USB Adapter)

I had managed to sell off both the head unit - Pioneer and Kenwood yesterday night. This amount of money is payable to Scott or changes of my tire. Since Scott had great knowledge on cars, he is more than happy to guide me from head to toe! From how to wash the car and not using the best brand for washing to understand of what I must look out for, especially the car is 2nd hand. The final damage was $675 in total yesterday. That include of car audio, changing of Pioneer head unit and car battery. Scott urged me to change the battery asap lest the car die off at the road side. The battery run by recharging and not by battery water, he assured me that it will last longer.

I did changed the car audio to the same set up of speaker like Scott. Having Morel Tempo in front, and Alpine coaxial at the back. It sounded damn good when I sat in Scott's car and tried out the system. Initially, I was at Pasir Ris selling my motherboard to a young dude who had miscommunication with him via sms. He was surprised that why am I selling him so cheap and I told him my best price to sell off is $180. I did asked him that if $180 deal with the board, but he had never given me confirmation and I thought that I earn another $20. End up, when I questioned him about the $20 less, he said that he might have skipped that sms. I was totally shut off and it is quite unfair to say that. To think that I traveled all the way to Elias Road and deal? Isn't that incurred more of my petrol? Sigh.... He was lucky that I went to Punggol to pray and the distance isn't that far. Sound like it was sale day yesterday. Selling of motherboard during noon and car head unit at night.

However, Scott car was in workshop for paint maintenance. Just nice, he stay nearby the area while I am dealing the motherboard and asked if I mind fetching him along the way. Of course I agreed with him since he is going to recommend me the place for car audio. Look like everything seem to be plan for! After sending my wife and mom to my grand ma house, both Scott and I went ahead to the car audio workshop to do my system. We waited quite a while until Scott received the call from the workshop to collect his car. He had no idea what bus to take, thus cab come into the picture. The weather is freaking hot and I am feeling dehydrate. I guessed that it had been quite sometime since I am under the sun. My arm and thigh seem to have rashness alike! This is due to high temperature that made me this way, I guess....

So we finally hailed the cab after waiting for 10 min under the hot blardy sun! The road isn't that easy, no wonder he does not know what bus to take at all! LOL. His beauty black Airwave look great. Shiny and nice. He even told me that car need to wax 1-2 mth only. The rest, just nice wet fiber cloth to clean, especially the top, bonnet and the boot which is often under the sun. Just nice claybar to clean the glass and the car will look as great. Need not to spend dollars for other stuff, just a proper technique to be done. I shall learn from him. For now, I need to get a claybar.

His car is astonishing. He had the bluetooth Head unit, whereby it can pair up for 3 phone devices. Best of it, the set can view the phone book and make call from the HU!
Yes, there's a microphone just right above him where his voice can project out to it. (Yah, I forgotten to take a pic!) One of other things I love was his god damn rear mirror. It look big but the function is awesome. Once, gear to R, half of the mirror will automatically change to rear camera! That's where you can park your car at ease! Great huh?! He also imported stuff like steering wheel audio remote control from Japan! He is one of the guy who is really like me, love to be clean, practical usage and spend on things which is right. I must slowly upgrade the stuff for my car.

Now, I just need to change the wheels. He told me that the brand I am holding on is the lowest grade of all: "Toyo". He recommended me Falken; great for performance and silent. It is good even when he drove pass the puddle of water on the road! He warned me to change it if I can, especially when I wanted my wife to drive. It will cause skid easily if handling of car is bad. That worry me now. I shall keep the money to do the wheels before paying to Scott. Hoping that I just need to top up a bit after trade in the rim and wheels. :)

I was blurred when I pay the boss. I paid $70 in cash and $600 under installment (l was surprised that I can do that! 0% somemore! I love it!) I still owed him $5 and I even thought I gave $80 to him! When I realised that I am in wrong, I quickly took out my wallet to pay the $5! He stopped me and said that it's ok and just take that $5 as the cash card payment (yes, the area to go in need to pay cash card entrance.) The car audio workshop is right under the office building located at Ubi. I was told that the service is great and lots of people like to come here and do for their car audio. I am one of the happy customer now. I did saved another $5 and cash card! By the time I wanted to leave, the gate exit was opened so I need not to slot in my cash card. LOL. Phew....

This morning I had to pump the petrol (again). A total of est $200 was spent on petrol alone. (Sian, stupid petrol hike up again. $2.190 p/litre). After calculation, we gotten about 13Km /Litre for our total traveling. Look like the car is proper maintained. Now I got to save for full servicing like: engine oil, brake, oil filer & etc. Scott did told me to get cotton oil filter instead of paper, because that also help out for petrol saving too. It will for sure clogged up a lot of oil. Big damage, I hope I had enough for this month. Final mth (May) for my installment. Hurray. Luckily the new installment plan was $50 p/mth. Love the sound system a lot!

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